Have you already watched “I’m Not Joking,” a biting comedy about a single mother with three credits who pours her heart out in a stand-up stand? The comedian Elena Novikova is in the lead role, and the plot itself is autobiographical.

Novikova burst into the world of Russian stand-up spontaneously – at the age of 47 she became the winner of the Open Microphone project, proving that female humor, despite the ironic jokes of the stronger sex, still exists.

At the age of 50, the comedy star did what everyone secretly dreams of – she showed that “success” and “age” are different concepts, and each may well become the owner of her own series (autobiographical, of course) at any period of her life.

On the air of the “Special Guest” program on RTVI, actress Elena told the host Tina Kandelaki why women are the most daring comedians, what Putin can dream of, how to talk with her husband about sex and flirt with the opposite sex after 50, and also about the reasons for her departure from Stand Up on TNT.

About how ex-husbands came to the casting of the series “I’m Not Kidding”:

The series is based on many real events that took place in my life. Three [супруга— прим.], and they are all actors. They even auditioned for my ex-husbands: one real, another ex. The third husband auditioned for the role of the second, and the first for the role of the first.

About the idea of ​​joint work with Alexander Nezlobin on the project “I’m not kidding”:

I left TNT and had not been a Stand Up resident for six months, so the project emerged just when I had nothing to do.

About body positivity and sex scenes in the show:

I wrote one of the scenes myself. Initially, it was a scene in the bathroom, funny sex, when a partner’s leg cuts and everything crumbles. I thought the producers would refuse. But in the end it all grew to a 10-second performance, where everything happens naturally. I’m okay with that.

Until the age of 35, I could not look at myself: how I look, I am in the frame, I hated my body, and now I don’t know. Whether it is clear or not, I already treat my body as a prop, so for me it was not some kind of heroism. I understood why this is necessary in the series, because if we did not show such scenes honestly enough, then it would all come down to melodrama, and here there is also the mercilessness of the spectacle. This is not bestiality. There is such a thing, there is no need to exclude people of my age from sex.

About what kind of men he prefers:

Maybe I just can’t stand strong men next to me, and I just need such people to whom I will also become a mother. There is nothing good or bad in this, I just prefer such men.

Perhaps the most brutal man who makes all the money in the world is not suitable, for example, for women like me.

About Russian female comedians:

A woman who is silent and is it funny? This is Masha Aronova, a very funny woman who is silent, which is ridiculously awful. Or Olesya Zheleznyak. It seems that biomass is bubbling inside them all the time.

I cannot say that they are more difficult to perceive. I don’t feel it at concerts. If they don’t laugh at my jokes, then I’m just not funny. If I cause pity in the audience when I talk about my personal life, it means that I poorly formulated a joke that looks like a complaint. Women are wonderful authors, tough, even tougher than men.

On what Putin may dream of:

Putin waves his hand to you – your project will be accepted. Putin together with Medvedev – to a fun party. You dreamed of Putin in a leopard suit, which means you are 82 years old. And Putin sat down at the window – so wait for a summons to the military registration and enlistment office.

About falling in love after 50:

At 46, I fell wildly in love. I wanted to look good, lose weight for a specific person. When I stood with him, I laughed like a fool – these are those moments that just happen and you can’t do anything with them. When I entered the elevator, I simply blushed, turned pale, and spoke complete nonsense. At some point, I realized that I’m not that I won’t achieve it, but that this feeling is now more necessary to me, and I know for sure that nothing will work out. That is, with my head I understand that nothing will work out and it is not necessary. The same one and the same one hundred and fifty-eight years has been repeated, I do not want that, because I already know how it will end. Not because this is some kind of tragedy, but because I just don’t want it anymore.

About why I left the stand-up for TNT:

It was difficult for me in the deadline mode, when by the 15th of every month I need to write a 10-minute monologue with jokes, prepare for the main party, then for filming, and so on. I have two children, I have Kuzminki, I have my ark, mothers-in-law, husbands, I spend 50% there and cannot sit in the office all the time, I cannot constantly write and speak. Every time I leave and tell my daughter, who is a first grader, that I have disappeared somewhere again, and not understand what is happening to her. I just couldn’t afford it.

On how to talk to your husband about problems in sex:

This can be easily talked about. Without “guess what’s wrong with me”, “you don’t understand what’s wrong with me, I got offended and ran away” – well, this is some kind of nonsense, stupid games. I must say: “So, let’s talk: then the second and third poses to hell will not do.”

Materials from YouTube channel used RTVI News

Photo: @ novikova_standup / Instagram, Shot from the show

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