Donald Trump’s premiere as ex-president

UEnvironment: Trump addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual meeting of Conservative Republicans. Several prominent Republicans, including ex-Vice President Mike Pence, did not show up there this time. So in Trump’s audience sit the most loyal of the loyal. They regularly applaud the ex-president, cheer him, shout “We love you” or “You won”. They boo when Trump pokes at Democrats or critical party friends. Few wear masks.

Preliminary program: addresses of allegiance for Trump. Representative Jim Jordan shouts into the hall: “Donald Trump is the leader of our common movement, the America-first movement, the Republican Party. And, I hope that he will be the leader of our great country again from January 20, 2025. ”Even the conservative CPAC people are of divided opinion. Shortly before Trump’s speech, an informal poll will be published among the participants, according to which 55 percent of the respondents would support Trump for another term in office. Behind him is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 21 percent, all other potential candidates rank well behind. Interesting: 55 percent support from CPAC is not such a terrific value. Trump, who is always considering 100 percent loyalty, should be annoyed.

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Donald Trump

After the end of his presidency

Differences: Almost everything seems like it used to be, in his presidential times when Trump takes the stage at 4:47 p.m. Trump’s campaign song “God bless the USA” sounds. He claps, sticks his thumb up, smiles. Trump wears his presidential red tie with his white shirt, as usual. One difference is therefore all the more striking: For the first time in over four years, Trump speaks at a neutral lectern without the presidential seal. A symbol of the loss of power. At the end of his 90-minute speech, “YMCA”, also a well-known hit from Trump rallies, booms from the loudspeakers. In contrast to the election campaign (“I made 56 rallies”) Trump did without a dance. He disappears from the stage very quickly.

Beginning: “Hello CPAC!” Calls Trump: “Have you missed me yet?” He speaks of an “unbelievable journey” that began four years ago and that is anything but over: “We will win!” He thinks of it recently deceased right-wing talk master Rush Limbaugh says he’s watching.

Message: “I will not found a new party,” says Trump: “We have the Republican Party.” It will be united and stronger than ever. Everything else is “fake news”. Trump is said to have thought about founding a new party around his lost presidential election. But that would split America’s right-wing camp; it would be a gift for the Democrats. Since the Republicans have been gathering behind Trump again, there has been no reason for him to create a new party.

Topics: Trump, Trump, Trump, and the presidential election allegedly won on November 3, 2020. After that, nothing comes first. Trump doesn’t dress it up at all. It is, he says, about the future of “our movement, our party, our country”. In that order, the future of Trump, then the Republicans, then the USA. First the country, then the party? No, exactly the other way around.

Attacks: Of course, on his successor Joe Biden.

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He comes to speak to him just eight minutes after the start of the speech. The Democrats are radical and want to introduce socialism and communism, Trump repeats phrases from the election campaign. Biden has a “disastrous record like no other president”. The Democrats are “against jobs, family, borders, women and science”. With the Democrats, hundreds of thousands, even millions, of illegal migrants would come to the United States.

Optimism: Republicans would win the 2022 midterm elections and the White House in four years. The audience is enthusiastic, gives a standing ovation, shouts “USA! USA! USA!”

Conspiracy Theory: Trump reiterates the insubstantial claim that he won the 2020 presidential election and the Democrats lost it. But he may be ready to “beat the Democrats for the third time”. Trump demands “fair, honest, safe elections”. In the last election tens of millions of ballots turned up, the US had a “sick and corrupt electoral system”. Again: the election was stolen. Trump refers to his almost “75 million” votes (there were 74.2 million). He withholds Biden’s 81.3 million votes – and so does the only relevant electoral body for the presidential election.

Judge scolding: Trump attacked the – strictly conservatively dominated – Supreme Court because he rejected his complaint against the election result. The chief judges should therefore “be ashamed of what they did to the country”. Trump complains several times that they have “neither guts nor courage”.

Hit: Trump criticizes Biden for recently saying he hadn’t found a vaccine when he took office. It is absurd indeed. But then he immediately engages in a similarly absurd, excessive self-praise. The rapid development of two vaccines is a miracle that has not existed for hundreds of years. “Everyone” said that this would take “five years”. Trump does not mention that a vaccine was partially developed in Germany (no American politician does).

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His government “saved large parts of the world” with the vaccine development. How many doses of vaccine did Trump want to make available to other countries again?

Half-truth: Before Trump talks about the recent power outage in Texas, he mentions a more recent, more harmless power outage in California. The fact that millions of Texans recently sat freezing in the dark (and around 80 died) was due to non-functioning wind turbines for Trump.

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HOUSTON, TEXAS - FEBRUARY 21: A truck passes a row of high voltage transmission towers on February 21, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Millions of Texans lost their power when winter storm Uri hit the state and knocked out coal, natural gas and nuclear plants that were unprepared for the freezing temperatures brought on by the storm. Wind turbines that provide an estimated 24 percent of energy to the state became inoperable when they froze. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/AFP == FOR NEWSPAPERS, INTERNET, TELCOS & TELEVISION USE ONLY==

This bold thesis has long been refuted by the Texan network operator. Texas is the most energy-rich US state, and the Republicans ruling there are proud of their self-sufficient power grid.

Party friends: Trump lists by name all those Republicans who voted for his conviction in the second impeachment process. The “top establishment” of the Republicans in Washington should tackle Biden and Nancy Pelosi instead of him. He attacks Republican MP Liz Cheney as a “warmonger” and the audience hoots. She has bad poll numbers at home, “hopefully they’ll get rid of her”. The Republicans have to get rid of everyone who supports the impeachment, Trump demands. He even attacks minority leader Mitch McConnell, who recently swore allegiance and voted for his acquittal. And then Trump has another bold thesis ready: “The Democrats always stick together.”

Nicknames: Almost never uses Trump in this speech. Only “Crazy Nancy” (Pelosi) occurs. No “Sleepy Joe” Biden. He does not name Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren by name or nickname.

No answer: Not a word about health policy, jobs, infrastructure, education, trade. In any case, little of what Trump actually plans to do programmatically during another presidency from 2025 to 2029.

Appeal: Trump asks his audience to visit his homepage. In good German: he wants donations.

Gimmick: At the end of the speech, it’s about its essence again, an election victory in 2024. Again he is playing with a new candidacy. Trump is convinced that there will be a republican president in 2025: “I wonder who that could be. Who? Who? Who? I wonder who that would be. ”

Conclusion: Little new, no orientation, rather a retro show, all kinds of self-adulation. As usual, Trump lied several times during his speech. He is in top form by attacking others – this time even more his own people than the Democrats.

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