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Donald Trump’s endgame – explosive telephone recording published

“I’ll be there” promises Donald Trump and already conjures up a “historic day”. The incumbent American president means a protest this Wednesday in Washington. As Congress convenes to certify the result of the November 3 presidential election, Trump is calling for a demonstration in front of the White House. As unusual as Trump designed his presidency for four years, he is ending it these days.

Trump’s supporters want to protest at a total of four rallies in the capital against the certification of the election result – i.e. the defeat of Trump and the victory of Joe Biden. You are following Trump’s insubstantial slogans that he won the election and that there was massive “election fraud”.

Several courts, including the conservatively dominated Supreme Court, dismissed corresponding claims by Trump and his lawyers. In the electoral body that determines the president, the Democrat Biden has 306 votes, Trump 232. The inauguration of Bidens will take place on January 20th. By then, Trump must have vacated the White House.

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“Women for America First”, “Tea Party Patriots” or “Stop the steal” – these are the names of the groups calling for a “March for Trump” on Wednesday. “The Democrats are cheating to withdraw and annul Republican votes,” it said in their appeal. Now it is up to the American people to stop all of this. Together with Trump one will “do whatever it takes to ensure the integrity of this election for the good of the nation”.

“Whatever is needed”? Will there be violence again, as in the last protests by Trump supporters in Washington in November last year? Right-wing extremists, supporters of racial segregation, nationalists, conspiracy theorists and the para-military “Proud Boys” are likely to return to the left-liberal capital on Wednesday.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has already urged residents of her own city and region to avoid the city center on Tuesday and Wednesday. They don’t like each other, asked Bowser, “to get involved with demonstrators who come to our city and seek confrontation.” All ten former US defense ministers who are still alive are already warning against abuse of the military in the dispute over the election results. Involving the armed forces would bring the US into “dangerous, illegal and unconstitutional territory,” said the ten Republicans and Democrats in a guest article in the Washington Post.

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One of the slogans of the demonstrators is “Stop the Steal”, meaning “Stop the theft”, meant by Trump’s alleged election victory. The incumbent president himself likes to speak of a “stolen election”. The announced speakers will be the President’s buddy Roger Stone, recently pardoned by Trump, and the Republican MP Marjorie Taylor Greene, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theories.

The politically much greater relevance on Wednesday will have a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, at which the election result will be certified. So Trump’s unconditionally loyal Vice President Mike Pence will chair the meeting. The gathering of the entire congress is actually a formality. Now, however, various Republicans do not want to recognize the election result from two months ago. They point out that many Americans consider the election to be fake – which Trump has been trying to convince the people almost every day for two months.

Eleven Senators followed the initiative of their Republican parliamentary colleague Josh Hawley and announced that they would appeal against results from individual states. Quite a few Republicans in the House of Representatives want to do the same.

Irony in political foul play

For Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell, this is a serious setback. He wanted to avoid such actions. But how will Pence behave? Republican attorney Lin Wood recently suggested arresting the Vice President – and a trial for treason.

As little as the intended objections will lead to “turning around” the election result, which is shameful for Trump, they are likely to mess up the planned and usual processes. It’s Trump’s final. The Republicans in Congress, experienced politicians, by no means – unlike parts of their supporters – expect a second term for Trump.

For them, such political actions are a means of making themselves popular with Trump and his fans, creating reputation for their own further candidacies, possibly laying the foundation for a presidential candidacy in 2024. Irony in the political foul play: Among those who now doubt Biden’s election victory is Senator Ted Cruz, Trump’s 2015/16 competitor for the Republican presidential candidacy. Trump accused him of electoral fraud five years ago (and falsely claimed that Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy).

The recording of an hour-long phone call published by the Washington Post on Sunday reveals the parallel world in which Trump currently lives.

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In it, Trump called on the State Secretary Brad Raffensperger, responsible for elections in the US state of Georgia on Saturday, to “find” votes for him so that in the end he would be the winner there. Trump lost the Georgia election. Biden won there by a margin of 11,779 votes. Trump said during the phone call, “I only want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state. “

Anyone who hears the recording perceives a man who is trying by all means to overturn the result of the election. Trump cites the – alleged – number of visitors to his rallies as evidence of his victory in Georgia. He also refers to statements by unnamed from other states as well as trends in social media. So he cultivated his myth that he was undefeated by Biden.

Trump claims about a dozen times during the phone call that he “won” Georgia. The Republican Secretary of State Raffensperger rejects Trump’s claims several times. He once said: “Mr. President, the data that you have is wrong.” Trump initially did not comment on the published recording. The elected Vice President Kamala Harris spoke of “brazen abuse of power”. The actions of Trump let “the voice of despair” recognize.

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Trump plans to hold a rally in Georgia this Monday evening. It is only his second and last appearance there before the runoff election for two senatorial posts. The election is about everything, the outcome depends on the majority in the Senate. If the Republicans lose both races, there will be a tie with the Democrats. The vice-president has the casting vote in the second chamber – in a little over two weeks it will be Kamala Harris.

In the House of Representatives, the Democrats secured their power on Sunday. Her previous spokesperson, Nancy Pelosi, obtained the required majority in an hour-long, open ballot with a name call in alphabetical order.

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Pelosi got 219 votes, their Republican challenger Kevin McCarthy got 209 votes. When the result was announced: cheers from the Democrats. There were only a few Republicans left in the plenary, and McCarthy was no longer present either. Another violation of the usual manners in democracy.

The majority of the Democrats in the House had melted by the November 3rd election. Trump and the Republicans have no doubts about the results of either the House or Senate elections.

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In Washington, meanwhile, people are puzzled about what caused Trump to end the Christmas vacation early in his property in the warm summer of Mar-a-lago (Florida) and return to the White House. Maybe it wasn’t just anger about the election result and the impending loss of power.

For example, Trump is said to have railed in Mar-a-lago about the renovation of his own property, reports CNN and the Washington Post, citing an ear witness. The renovation of the luxury property in Palm Beach had been overseen by Trump’s wife Melania – in anticipation of the early move from the White House there.

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