Donald Trump wants to occur at demonstration to go election result

Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he would take part in a demonstration in Washington against the confirmation of the US elections. Right-wing groups have also set out.

The elected US President Donald Trump wants to appear at a demonstration of his supporters in Washington on Wednesday. Trump announced on Tuesday (local time) in the short message service Twitter that he would give a speech at the rally. He expressed the expectation that “large crowds” would gather for the rally.

Hundreds of Trump supporters already flocked in the US capital on Tuesday to protest against the formal confirmation of his election defeat against future President Joe Biden. On Wednesday the House of Representatives and Senate are due to certify the result of the November 3rd election. Trump, however, tirelessly claims, without presenting any evidence, that there was massive fraud in the election. Dozens of challenges to the Biden victory by his camp have been dismissed by the courts in recent weeks.

Rioting in the US capital feared

Trump urged his supporters to protest against the certification of Biden’s election victory by Congress in December and predicted a “wild” day in Washington. The police fear that the protests could lead to outbreaks of violence. In downtown Washington, many business owners boarded up their shop windows.

Protesters at Freedom Plaza in Washington.  US President Donald Trump has announced that he will speak at the protests.  (Source: AP / dpa / Julio Cortez)Protesters at Freedom Plaza in Washington. US President Donald Trump has announced that he will speak at the protests. (Source: Julio Cortez / AP / dpa)

Right-wing groups such as the Proud Boys, who are considered to be ready to use violence, have also announced their participation in the demonstrations in Washington. On Monday, the police in the US capital arrested the head of the group, Enrique Tarrio, who had traveled from the state of Florida. The 36-year-old is said to have stolen and burned a political poster from an Afro-American church. He is also charged with having two automatic gun magazines with him when he was arrested.

“My Commander-in-Chief has called me, and my God and Savior has instructed me,” said Trump supporter Debbie Lusk, who traveled from the west coast city of Seattle, to the AFP. “We’re either bringing our land back or it won’t be,” added the 66-year-old retired accountant.

69-year-old Chris Thomas, from the west coast state of Oregon, said she and her husband did not believe the presidential election result. They traveled to the other side of the country because they believed “in America’s freedom” and wanted to show their support for Trump’s economic policy.

Proud Boys leader has to leave the capital

The leader of the right-wing group “Proud Boys” left Washington. A judge in the US capital released Henry “Enrique” Tarrio on Tuesday (local time), according to US media. The 36-year-old from Miami, Florida was ordered to stay away from Washington until his next court date on June 8th.

Confirmation should be delayed

The confirmation of the election result by Congress is usually a matter of form. This time, however, a section of the parliamentarians of Trump’s Republican Party announced attempts to block the certification. These initiatives are considered hopeless, but could at least delay the process a little.

According to a December poll, more than half of Republican voters believe Trump’s claims, or at least think the election results are unclear.

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