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Donald Trump: Vice Mike Pence could thwart his plans

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Donald Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence comes under pressure. Traditionally, he has to read out the election results on January 6th. Now US media are speculating about how Pence could calm Trump down.

  • Donald Trump: Vice President Mike Pence should always be more of Trump distance.
  • US media speculate how Pence an amendment to the constitution of the USA could use to Biden to enable a smooth assumption of office.
  • Vice President Mike Pence could Donald Trumps Stop perfidious plans with the help of the US Constitution.

Washington D.C. – Da Donald Trump never tire of repeating his unsubstantiated claims about systematic electoral fraud, the whole world puzzles what will happen until January 20, the official inauguration of Joe Biden, will happen. Can play a key role in this Donald Trumps Vice President Mike Pence take in. According to research by the US news website “The Daily Beast”, this is said to have behaved in a noticeably cautious manner. On the one hand, Pence has repeatedly sided with Donald Trump and demanded that “every legal vote should be counted and every illegal vote sorted out”. Then again, did this Mike Pence not as pushy as others Trump-Pendant: inside, for example Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump and his Vice Mike Pence (r.).


Donald Trump: Vice Mike Pence could oppose the current president

The appearance of Mike Pence is, as always, rather reserved. On the one hand, Pence could appeal to conservative voters and many evangelicals, a religious group to which Pence also belongs, who are affected by the aggressive behavior of Donald Trump maybe more deterred.

“The Daily Beast” also claims to have noticed that the campaign logo Donald Trumps that previously also the Names of Mike Pence included, since the election result only Trumps name adorns. Since November 25th, the name of Pence also disappeared from the sender area of ​​e-mails from the election campaign committee.

US election 2020: Vice President Mike Pence should not want to go down with Donald Trump’s ship

“The Daily Beast” also wants to meet an insider from within Donald Trump who supported this theory. It is an open secret in the Trump-World that vice president Pence don’t think the same about legal success as you do Donald Trump, according to the news site, reportedly by a government official. “The Vice President does not want to go down with this ship … and believes that the legal was not always helpful,” the insider is said to have also said.

Devin O’Malley, an official spokesperson for Mike Pence, has already contradicted the claims of “The Daily Beast”. Pence stand behind Donald Trump and “The Daily Beast’s anonymous sources have no real insight into what the Vice President thinks of these things,” his spokesman said.

Donald Trump: Mike Pence could make use of the US Constitution

Various US news sites, including New York Magazine and Mike Rosenberg, a professor at the University of Navarra Business School, are now bringing up the possibility of how Mike Pence of the constitution of USA Could make use of it to ensure a smooth transition of government Trump to the government Biden to enable. So could Pence refer to the 25th Amendment to the Constitution of USA which enables the Vice President to end the presidency prematurely or to take over the business. The 25th Amendment has been in existence since 1967. Paragraph 4 of this amendment regulates impeachment without or against the will of the President.

Vice Mike Pence faces Donald Trump? Planned trip fuels speculation

To do this, the Republican needs Pence eight other members of the government and must explain to the two chambers that the president is unable to exercise his office. Then business starts Mike Pence about. Then he can US President however, still declare that he is able to perform all duties of the office again. Pence and the ministers would have to contradict this statement again. The process is complicated, and even the US journalists who are discussing it claim that they are not constitutionalists. In addition, it is unclear what reasons could be given: Trump Do you prefer golf instead of governing? The current president drops off confused tweets and spreads conspiracy theories? All of that has Mike Pence so far not particularly disturbed.

Complicated Procedure: How Mike Pence Could Stop Donald Trump

Despite the thought experiment, it doesn’t look like it right now Pence this move against Donald Trump would go. In addition, has Mike Pence always with existence in the shadow of Donald Trump satisfied. In return, pressed Donald Trump implement a strict conservative agenda.

Donald Trump: How will Vice Mike Pence behave on January 6th?

The pressure on Mike Pence is meanwhile getting higher and higher: So has Trump his vice president has already asked on Twitter not to recognize the result of the Electoral College. Still will Pence must show some form of attitude by January 6, 2021 at the latest. Then namely will Pence as Vice President traditionally before the Senate and the House of Representatives the result of Electoral Colleges misread. He will also probably ask whether there are any objections to the result. Objections are also likely Donald Trump But even then it is of no use, because the House of Representatives, in which the Democrats have a majority, would have to agree to an acceptance of the objections.

Vice-President Mike Pence and current President Donald Trump (r.).


Donald Trump: Will a smooth handover to Joe Biden succeed?

So it seems more than likely that the handover will take place Joe Biden will take place smoothly on January 20, 2021. Mike Pence is to plan a trip abroad directly after the official counting of the votes of the electorate before the Senate and the House of Representatives on January 6th. On the one hand could be Pence in this way elegant to anger Donald Trumps withdraw. On the other hand, the trip to Poland and the Middle East, among others, is intended to be part of the foreign policy agenda of Donald Trump probably follow up. Mike Pence is also apparently already thinking about the next elections. (Delia Friess)

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