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Donald Trump: US President celebrates himself – and apparently claims the Nobel Prize

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In a video on Twitter, Donald Trump poses as a patriot, a peace-maker – and a Nobel Prize winner. However, he never received the award.

  • Donald Trump celebrates with a video Twitter even.
  • The US President seems to believe that Nobel Prize to have won.
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Washington D.C. – Donald Trump irritated once again on the short message service Twitter: Triumphant looks Donald Trump back to his tenure – in a video that the US President on Monday evening (December 28th, 2020) Twitter posted, his name is associated with certain values ​​- and with an award that has never been bestowed on him.

Donald Trump claims the Nobel Prize

Donald Trump represents America, American jobs, freedom, American law, military power, peace, law and order, and the flag. “He’s what’s for America” – “He’s there for America,” says the end of the compilation of visual highlights of his presidency, in which Trump portrays himself as a civil rights activist, peace-maker and patriot. The video and the slogan at the end allude to a beef commercial from the 1990s that ends with “Beef: It’s what’s for dinner”, which means something like “Beef: That’s for dinner”. Even the music is the same.

Donald Trump believes he deserves the Nobel Prize.

© Andrew Harnik, dpa

One scene in the video is particularly suspicious. When it is said that the US President stands for peace, two recordings will be made on White house shown on which Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Foreign Ministers of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates can be seen. A “historical” approximation, like Trump in September said between warring states where diplomatic relations have been established. At the bottom right of the picture is the medal of the prestigious Nobel Prize faded in. Has this Donald Trump however never received.

Donald Trump looks back on his tenure. Here with representatives from Israel, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and a Nobel Prize – which he never received.

© Screenshot Twitter: Donald J. Trump, @realdonaldtrump

US President celebrates himself – Donald Trump believes he deserves the Nobel Prize

Not for the first time that brings itself US President associated with the award. So became Donald Trump for that Nobel Prize nominated in the peace category, but the hurdles to propose someone are very low. Trump was one of 318 candidates in 2020, including 211 people and 107 organizations. Because of the supposed lack of coverage of his nomination for the Nobel Prize, he left the “fake news” media out on election campaigns: “You didn’t mention it in the entire program,” he said in Ohio in September. “I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – and they did not report on it.” For ex-President Barack Obama, who won the Nobel Prize, it was “the greatest story” he has ever seen.

Had last year Donald Trump said that he would get the Nobel Prize for “many things” – “if only it was given fairly, which is not the case”. Claiming prices seems just the thing of Donald Trump to be. During a performance in Michigan, the US President celebrated himself as “Man of the Year” in the state – an award that doesn’t exist at all, but he believes he received “twelve years or so ago”.

Also because of his alleged services to the “great Cuban people” of the USA formed Trump one of having won the “Bay of Pigs Prize”. Contrary to his claims, Donald Trump never received a medal from the African American civil rights group NAACP. Recently the US President the wish that an airport or aircraft carrier should be named after him. (Lukas Rogalla)

List of rubric lists: © Andrew Harnik, dpa

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