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Donald Trump: Unpleasant details about gifts to Melania emerged – allegations after Christmas video

They have already honored the Christmas tree in the White House – but what’s next for US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania? Perhaps as sad Corona holidays as for many.

  • In the Corona-Krise * probably nobody commits Christmas as usual.
  • Even the incumbent US President Donald Trump* Not.
  • A few Details but leak in advance about his planned celebration.

Update from December 25th, 9.30 a.m .: Christmas 2020 is not an ordinary Christmas. The USA is shaken after months of fighting against the angry ones there Corona-Pandemie – and the US-Kongress disputes an urgently needed aid package. Meanwhile, the outgoing US President is leaving Donald Trump golfed how CNN reported. The Trump family spends the Christmas holidays in theirs Golfclub Resort in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. The service that the Trumps attend annually took place virtually this year, reports the US broadcaster abc Action News. Posted on Christmas Eve First Lady Melania Trump a video on her Facebook page in which she and her husband wish “Merry Christmas”.

In the social networks the video didn’t go down well. A Twitter user commented, “Enjoy Christmas, while millions of Americans starve inside and worry about homelessness. I am sure that gratitude for YOUR happiness will trump any sadness about yourself. ”Another person writes,“ Merry Christmas and congratulations. Her husband has killed 327,853 US citizens who will not be home for Christmas. ”But there have also been positive comments. A user tweeted: “My family loves you very much. Thank you for everything you sacrifice for us. Merry Christmas.”

Donald Trump gives his wife Melania a present – Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberley Guilfoyle are visiting

As Focus Online reported, is the departing US President not a particularly good giver. Even his wife Melania, therefore, at most he would hand over a card and a bouquet of flowers. He particularly likes to give away gifts he has received himself. So have Donald Junior once received a Christmas present that he himself gave to his father Donald Trump had given last year. Son Donald Junior and his girlfriend Kimberley Guilfoyle also spend the holidays in, according to an Instagram post Mar-a-Lago.

Donald Trump: Last Christmas for him and First Lady Melania as the US presidential couple

First report from December 24th, 3 p.m .: Washington DC – It could be the last Christmas be that the world is still really interested in, like the outgoing (and vehemently opposed) US President Donald Trump* celebrates the holidays. There are days in the run-up to which his ex-neighbors are already in Mar-a-Lago resist him in Florida *. Basically unbeatable from a plot point of view – so maybe the Trump saga will continue after his term in office.

The local newspaper working on site The Palm Beach Post According to the story continues like this: It is expected that Donald Trump after the inauguration of Joe Biden* moves to Mar-a-Lago (at his First Lady Melania* rumor has it that this is not so sure *). At least virtually, the couple has already inaugurated the Christmas tree in White house marveled at:

Trump on Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Gala with celebrities?

What is the sheet about Trump’s Christmas plans want to experience:

  • “The president will Golf play. ”He’s already done that in the past Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus.
  • Trump is probably going on 24th of December to a church service – but it is unclear to which one. The Bethesda-by-the-Sea-Kirche (where Donald and Melania married in 2005), and the evangelical Family Church in Balm Beach offered where the two were that evening in 2019.
  • 25 December: “Trump will probably spend the first half of the day conferring with US soldiers overseas,” so The Palm Beach Post.
  • Trump’s Christmas present for Melania? Can only be speculation again: That from 2019 has not yet come out either.
  • New Years Eve 2020: The sheet wants from one New Years Gala with red carpet, celebrities, Trump family members “And even people from the administration” knowledge.

Trump after defeat against Biden: Back from Manhattan still Mar-a-Lago

Trump had moved his primary residence from New York to Palm Beach a little over a year ago and that Golf club resort registered as future permanent domicile. Previously this was the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Since Trump has still not admitted his defeat to the Democrat * Biden, he has so far only made hypothetical comments about the time after the White House. “If I lost, I would say I lost and I would go to Florida * and take it easy and I would go around and say that I did a good job,” Trump said at a performance in early December. (frs) * is part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network

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