Donald Trump travels to Washington surprisingly – action planned for January 6th

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Donald Trump surprisingly leaves Florida and travels to Washington. It is believed that he would like to prepare for a disturbance of the Republicans at the official reading of the election winner in Congress.

  • Donald Trump: Still-President travels from Florida to Washington earlier – no official explanation from the White House.
  • US elections 2020: Republicans plan to disrupt the official reading of the election winner in US Congress on January 6th.
  • Donald Trump Despite Corona is planning a New Year’s party in Florida – and surprisingly travels to Washington.

Washington D.C. – Donald Trump went to Washington surprisingly. The elected US President, according to reports from CNN, everything should be on January 6, 2021 to get the US elections 2020 but still to decide for yourself. According to the US news channel, some Republicans are said to be inside the House of Representatives and now also a Republican in the Senate at the formal announcement of the winner of the US elections 2020 through the Vice President Mike Pence plan to appeal.

Donald Trump: Republican Senator plans to appeal at official reading on January 6th

Josh Hawley, Senator des US state of Missouri, announced that I would like to appeal. From the shopping chain Walmart the Republican’s tweet was picked up. “Just do it. Got your two hour debate, ”tweeted Walmart under the hashtag # worse loser.

Donald Trump: Republicans and Walmart exchange blows on Twitter

The company withdrew the tweet a little later. The reason: An employee would have wanted to share the comment on his private Twitter channel. In any case, the tweet and the backlash made waves on social networks. TrumpFollowers: inside are now calling for a boycott of Walmart.

Donald Trump: Still-President surprisingly travels from Florida to Washington

In fact, the success of the planned disruption action on January 6, 2021 is highly questionable. Nevertheless, the objections could drag on the procedure. Nancy PelosiHowever, the Chairwoman of the House of Representatives said she had no doubt that Bidens victory will be confirmed on January 6th.

2020 US elections: Republicans plan to disrupt January 6th

Donald Trumpwho still claims that the US elections 2020 had given massive election fraud, however, is said to be earlier by his golf department Mar-a-Lago have set out to travel to Washington and prepare for the reading. There Donald Trump and his supporters: if they failed even before the Supreme Court, the chances should not be very good. The Republican who will officially read out the results of the electorate is, of all people, the US Vice President Mike Pence. Rumors are already making the rounds that Donald Trump is not satisfied with the fact that Mike Pence does not support his allegations of systematic election fraud vehemently enough. So far, Donald Trump has not been able to provide any evidence of systematic election fraud. Mike Pence is planning a trip abroad immediately after the reading.

Donald Trump: mood in Florida should be bad, Trump is leaving

According to CNN Donald Trumps mood will be accordingly bad. So should Donald Trump also be dissatisfied with his wife Melania Trump and her redesign of the interior of the golf resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida. According to CNN, Donald Trump’s annual New Year party will still take place in Florida despite the dangers of the coronavirus. Previously, Donald Trump’s presence was announced, but now Trump has already left. (Delia Friess) Donald Trump: US President celebrates himself – and believes he deserves the Nobel Prize.

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