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Donald Trump travels to Georgia for the runoff election – and is already raging on Twitter

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Runoff election in Georgia: The election campaign for the last two seats in the Senate does not look good for the Republicans. Donald Trump is now intervening.

  • After the 2020 US election in Georgia: On January 5th it will be decided who has power in the US-Senat attained.
  • Incumbents: David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler stand up for the republican, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for the Democrats an.
  • One of the candidates must be days before the Runoff in Georgia in quarantine due to a corona case.

Update from Sunday, January 3rd, 2021, 3:44 p.m .: In Georgia see the poll results Runoff for the Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler no longer all too bright. Since the end of November it was between Perdue and his Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff Head to head race where at times one, at times the other, was ahead.

But since December 29, a larger gap appears to be emerging. According to the news portal “FiveThirtyEight”, Ossoff is currently ahead with 48.7 percent – Perdue 1.2 percentage points behind. The gap has not been that great since November.

US President Donald Trump plans to travel to a campaign event for the runoff election in Georgia. (Archive photo)

© Patrick Semansky/AP/dpa

In the race for the second Senate seat for Georgiathat the Democrat Raphael Warnock wants to dispute with the Republican Kelly Loeffeler, it looks similar. Here, however, the gaps between the candidates have already been larger than with Perdue and Ossoff. Warnock has been leading the polls since December 21 and is currently ahead with 49.1 percent, while Loeffler is 1.8 percentage points less behind. That is less than, for example, at the end of November, when Warnock was three percentage points ahead.

According to the polls, the Democrats in Georgia the nose in the decisive race for the majority in the senate front. That should US-Präsident Donald Trump not particularly liked – and he promptly takes on the matter himself.

On Twitter he announced on Monday (04.01.2020) – one day before the Runoff – even in Georgia wanting to support his party colleagues in the election campaign. “Will be in Monday evening, 9pm Georgia to SUBSCRIBE for two GREAT people, ”wrote Trump and urged voters to prepare for Tuesday’s election. In further tweets, Trump spoke again of Georgia election fraud and warned Republicans of “the political corruption in Fulton County that is rampant”, calling Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who has done “less than nothing”, as “shame on the great people of Georgia.”

Days before Georgia runoff: Republican candidate must be quarantined

Update from Friday, January 1st, 2021, 8.45 a.m .: A few days before the groundbreaking Runoff in Georgia must be the Republican senator and candidate David Perdue in quarantine. As his campaign announced on New Year’s Eve, Perdue was notified on Thursday morning (December 31, 2020) that a person from his election campaign team with whom he was in close contact had a positive response to the Coronavirus has been tested. Perdue and his wife had tested negative, but would go into quarantine according to the guidelines of the US health authority CDC.

On Tuesday (5.1.2021) he will be the incumbent David Perdue from the young democrat Jon Ossoff challenged. The Republican Kelly Loeffler competes against the democratic Raphael Warnock. Should the republican hold only one of the two seats, keep them in senate the majority. Win the Democrats both if they were in control of Washington and would make government much easier for future President Joe Biden. The polls promise two head-to-head races in Georgia.

Before the runoff in Georgia: US Senator David Perdue must be quarantined days before the runoff.


Runoff elections in Georgia: Ivanka Trump and Kamala Harris fight for votes

First report from December 22nd, 2020: Georgia – Donald Trump remains of the firm conviction that the 2020 US election is not yet over. And it isn’t, at least not quite. The election of the next president and vice-president is considered to be over Trump still does not recognize. There was a large-scale electoral fraud, he was actually the rightful winner, insisted Trumpwithout providing substantiated evidence to support these allegations.

The fight for the majority of votes in senate has not yet been decided: In Georgia there will be two runoff elections on January 5th. Only then is it clear how strong it is republican as opposition at the federal level to the elected leadership duo Biden and Harris can make government difficult.

U.S. Senate runoff election: Ivanka Trump speaks during a campaign rally on December 21, 2020 in Milton, Georgia.

© Elijah Nouvelage / AFP

Race for the US Senate: Ivanka Trump and Kamala Harris visit Georgia

Until then, both parties will try to use prominent advocates to get as many voters as possible to the polls. Performed in Milton, a suburb of Atlanta Ivanka Trump on Monday (December 21, 2020) alongside incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. The daughter of the voted out US President Donald Trump chose pithy words to show the party supporters present the relevance of the runoff election: “Georgia will decide whether our children will grow up under an oppressive government or whether America will remain the land of the free “, quoted the” New York Times ” Ivanka Trump.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris at a campaign rally in Columbus, Georgia.

© Tami Chappell/AFP

The political competition met in Columbus on the same day. The upcoming US Vice President Kamala Harris together with the candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock also emphasized the importance of the election for the coming years – and thanked the audience for their support in the presidential election on November 3rd. The state Georgia went to a presidential team for the first time in 22 years Democrats.

Republicans in Georgia under pressure: too little support for Donald Trump

The Democrats celebrated at their campaign event, according to the “New York Times”, to a certain extent for their success in the presidential election, but current polls on the upcoming run-off election should give them cause for concern. According to analyzes by the “FiveThirtyEight” portal on Monday (December 21, 2020), both Republican candidates are slightly ahead of the voters. The Democrats would have to win both seats to at least achieve a balance of power in the senate the USA to manufacture. Without the seats off Georgia they currently hold 46 seats in the senate, de facto 48, one includes the politicians Bernie Sanders and Angus King, both of whom are in doubt with the Democrats work together. The republican however, there are now 50 seats.

The republican have in Georgia meanwhile completely different problems: You are apparently the base pressure because of too hesitant support for Trumps Fight against the lawful outcome of the US election. According to the “New York Times” event participants even drowned out the Republican defender Perdue at one point. Perdue defended himself that he was behind the outgoing president Donald Trump – should now concentrate primarily on the runoff election to the Senate. (Matthis Pechtold)

Headline list image: © Patrick Semansky / AP / dpa

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