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Donald Trump: This is how much the former US president is said to have earned during his tenure

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Donald Trump’s tenure finances are open. The former US president is said to have earned more than 1.6 billion US dollars.

  • Even before his presidency, Donald Trump led a powerful economic empire.
  • Now the actual earnings of the former President of the USA have been published.
  • Trump-News: All information and background information about the former president on our topic page.

Washington D.C. – Donald Trumps Finances were published at the end of his presidency by the “United States Office of Government Ethics”. Although he once donated his handsome salary of $ 400,000, that sum makes up just 0.1 percent of the former’s actual earnings President the United States of America. As the US observation portal “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” (“CREW”) reports, should Trump generated over $ 1.6 billion in sales during his presidency. The goal of the organization “CREW” is the fight against corruption in government circles in the United States.

Donald Trump: Private possessions as a constant source of income

According to information from “Businessinsider”, about $ 620 million from its private investments, such as the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, his hotel in Washington DC, as well as its golf courses in the USA. Donald Trump himself paid almost 400 visits to his institutions during his tenure as president. However, “CREW” reports that the public Trump facilities suffered heavy losses in 2020 due to the corona pandemic. Donald Trump’s revenue stream from the Washington hotel fell from $ 40 million a year to $ 15 million.

As the most noteworthy foreign possessions of Donald Trump “CREW” calls its three golf courses in Europe – Turnberry and Aberdeen in Scotland and Doonbeg in Ireland. Here, too, revenue fell during the corona pandemic, but Donald Trump was still able to generate an estimated 138,000 US dollars with them.

Donald Trump: Should the presidency hold the business empire together?

“CREW” also argues that Donald Trump wanted to keep his economic empire together through the presidency. His hotel in Washington DC in particular quickly became a focal point for senators, lobbyists and other politicians who wanted to influence the president. With Trump no longer President of the United States, the future of the Trump-Hotels in the capital unclear. Increased to the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden Donald Trump at least the prices of the Trump Hotel.

Das Trump International Hotel in Chicago.

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Despite these numbers it seems Donald Trump to be less wealthy today than before he took office. Forbes magazine stated in autumn 2020 that Donald Trump is now number 352 in America for wealth. The year before, it was still in 275th place.

Donald Trump’s main sources of income What: Crew
Mar-a-Lago (Florida), Golf Courses (USA) $ 620 million
Trump International Hotel (Washington D.C.) $ 44 million ($ 15 million during Corona year)
Golf courses (Europe) $ 138 million

Donal Trump does not issue financial records

Donald Trump also continues to persevere in preventing his accounting firm Mazars and others from disclosing his personal financial and tax records. Critics therefore speculate that he has something to hide. The issuing of financial and tax documents of high officials: inside has in the USA a long tradition. Trump has always refused to do this. (Marvin Ziegele)

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