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Donald Trump surprises with a speech – and receives smuggled donations from daughter-in-law

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Lara Trump’s animal welfare organization is paying nearly $ 2 million to Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s private club. The ex-president raves about her.

  • Lara Trump, Wife of Eric Trump, is involved in an animal welfare organization that regularly runs the golf club Mar-a-Lago bay.
  • Lives in the property Donald Trump. “By chance” he is on site at a donation gala.
  • News about the former president of the USA can be found in the Trump-News.

Update from Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 10:00 a.m .: Donald Trump has made a surprising appearance at a donation gala of the animal welfare organization of his daughter-in-law. The fundraising event took place last Friday (March 12th) in Mar-a-Lago instead of. Trump was not prepared, just been around and heard people shouting when he decided to attend the event, he claimed.

Donald Trump pays a visit to his daughter-in-law’s fundraising event in Mar-a-Lago. (Archive photo)

© Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP / dpa

Donald Trump gives a spontaneous speech

Spoke at his spontaneous speech Donald Trump in the highest tones of Lara Trump: “What you do is so important and so great and I will support you 100 percent,” he said in front of the cheering crowd. “We had a lot of meetings in the White House and the Oval Office that had to do with rescuing and helping dogs.”

“I want to thank Lara who was amazing,” said Donald Trump went on and then changed the subject: “I don’t know, you’re running for the Senate, aren’t you? I heard she was running. ”Lara Trump’s candidacy for the Senate is not yet official. Lara Trump is accused of smuggling $ 1.9 million in donations for the animal welfare organization Father-in-Law.

Mar-a-Lago: Lara Trump transfers donations to Donald Trump

First report from Sunday, March 14th, 2021: Palm Beach – Animal welfare is also a topic in the USA with which politicians of all stripes try to score points with the electorate. So too Lara Trump, Daughter-in-law of the former president Donald Trump, and possibly a candidate for the Senate in 2022. But for the wife of Eric Trump could backfire.

For the charity, donations are made through Donald Trump’s golf club

Lara Trump is involved in the charity “The Big Dog Ranch Rescue” from the USA. However, it is not quite as apolitical as its name suggests. Because of the work of the organization in the past seven years apparently particularly ex-president Donald Trump benefits. And it may not just be Lara Trumpwho is responsible for the lucrative relationship between her father-in-law and the dog guards.

Name Lara Lea Trump
birthday October 12, 1982
place of birth Wilmington, North Carolina
Spouse Eric Trump (verh. 2014)
children Eric Trump Jr., Caroliona Dorothy Trump

According to research by the online medium “Huffington Post”, the organization has donated almost 1.9 million US dollars for fundraising events in the past seven years Mar-a-Lago spent – the golf club of Donald Trump in Florida, its residence since moving out of the White House. And another $ 225,000 is expected to flow in March.

Lush sums for Donald Trump’s golf club Mar-a-Lago – Lara Trump is also involved

Establishing closeness to the former US President should be easy, especially for a member of “Big Dog Ranch Rescue”: Lara Trump has been one of the chairmen since 2018. She has been with Donald Trump’s son since 2014 Eric Trump married. Loyalty to the Trump family seems to be even deeper rooted in the organization’s DNA. Founder and President Lauren Simmons firmly believes that Donald Trump had been cheated of his victory in the 2020 US election.

On January 3, 2021, three days before supporters Trump stormed the Capitol, she struck alarming tones on social media: “Either we take power back or we will never be free again. No more asking nice questions! ”

When confronted with the allegations, a spokesman for the organization emphasized that politics did not play a role within the organization. Simmons himself praised the “quality of the service, the beauty of the facility and the excellent conditions” with which the property was organized Donald Trump use. When this radical right-wing protester took protection in Charlottesville in 2017, “The Big Dog Ranch Rescue” actually for a short time refrained from using the facility for fundraising events. But already in March 2018 she booked there again. (Matthis Pechtold, Lukas Rogalla)

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