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Donald Trump: Supreme Court allows insight into Trump’s tax return

Ex-President Donald Trump has tried again and again to keep his tax return secret. According to US media reports, the US Supreme Court is now paving the way for the papers to be published. The New York prosecutor should therefore gain insight as part of a criminal investigation. The broadcaster CNN and the New York Times reported on the decision.

Accordingly, the New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance is allowed to gain insight into the tax return and other financial documents. He is investigating the Trump Organization on suspicion of criminal banking and insurance fraud, tax evasion and manipulation of business results. Trump had tried to prevent the documents from being released.

Vance is not alone in his investigation. The New York attorney general Letitia James has also undertaken a number of real estate projects under civil law in order to uncover possible fraud. According to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, the businessman Trump used to operate with two different approaches to the presentation of numbers: one by setting the value of his real estate high in order to get loans. And once, by counting himself poorly for the tax.

During his four-year presidency, there was constant speculation about Trump’s ventures. According to the calculations of “Forbes” journalist Dan Alexander, the Trump empire is in debt to at least one billion dollars. The New York Times has reconstructed on the basis of several tax returns that Trump is personally liable for over 400 million dollars. The company is therefore not necessarily over-indebted. In view of Trump’s earlier bankruptcy, those interested in refinancing should not queue up.

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