Donald Trump: Supporters Call for Violence – “There will literally be war”

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Donald Trump and his supporters refuse to admit the election defeat. Violence is called for on January 6th. Trump wants to be there himself.

  • Two months after the US election 2020 gives Donald Trump still not up.
  • During the protests against the official announcement of Joe Biden when US President will Trump be there yourself.
  • Trump News: All the news about the outgoing President of the USA at a glance.

Update from Monday, January 4th, 2021, 4:25 p.m .: Still-President Donald Trump has announced that it will attend the major protests in front of the Capitol on January 6th. The participants of the demonstration want to try on Wednesday to give democratic MPs access to Kapitol in Washington D.C. to refuse. This is intended to confirm the selected President Joe Biden be prevented.

Michael Flynn, former security advisor Trumps, predicted on a talk show that millions of people will come. republican have liked to exaggerate these kinds of announcements lately, but it can be assumed that tens of thousands will attend.

Donald Trump wants to be there himself at the protests against the official confirmation of Joe Biden. (Archive photo)

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Protests in Washington DC: Trump supporters call for violence – police ban firearms

From all over the country have fans of Donald Trump her coming announced. For many, January 6th is their last chance, the one voted out President to keep in office. In the online forum “The Donald” it is discussed how to get weapons after Washington D.C. could bring. Also from break-ins in state buildings and violence against police officersthere is talk of preventing that. “On this day there will literally be war,” was a popular comment from Wednesday. “We’re going to storm offices and everyone DC traitor physically remove and even kill and recapture the land ”.

The demonstrations in November and December were already violent, given the hopeless situation of the Trump supporters further violence is to be expected. The police in Washington D.C. hat Consequences drawn and restricted areas established in which all firearms should be prohibited.

Donald Trump doesn’t get enough and wants to continue complaining: “It’s going to be wild”

First report from January 2nd, 2021: Washington DC – The wave of lawsuits from Donald Trump and his legal team after the US election has only moderate success. More than 50 cases have already been lost or withdrawn. Despite numerous setbacks in court, there is Trump for sure, Joe Biden still to be able to beat.

For Donald Trump it is far from over. Even after the official announcement of Joe Biden as president, lawsuits will continue.


January 6th, when the votes of the electorate will be read out and Congress Joe Biden officially crowned the winner, there will be protests in Washington – in the Capitol and on the streets. Congressmen loyal to the president have announced that they will vote against the count. Outside there are tens of thousands TrumpFans expected. So drama is inevitable for next Wednesday. But for Donald Trump should it be a day like any other. Even after the actually decisive date, it is far from over for him.

Donald Trump does not give up: Further lawsuits against the result of the US election follow

Many loyal fans of Donald Trump see January 6th as the last chance to win Joe Biden to be prevented somehow with a huge protest. But according to two initiates, to whom “The Daily Beast” refers, it should US President have announced in his circle, also afterwards in court against the outcome of the US election proceed. “He sees it like this, ‘Why should I let go? How would I benefit from it? ‘”Said one of the sources dealing with Trump about its procedure after the US election should have entertained.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania: The US President lost the 2020 US election to Joe Biden. Nevertheless, he does not give up and threatens another wave of lawsuits. (Archive photo)

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Most recently, the US Supreme Court dismissed a case from Texas against the election results in four states Trump all lost. Also an attempt by Republican MPs to sue Vice President Mike Pence for Donald Trump To make the winner of the election failed. Recounts in swing states such as Wisconsin brought Joe Biden even more voices. Evidence of election fraud in the Democrats no one could submit. That Trump still has an ace up his sleeve with which the result of the US election will be overturned in court is therefore very unlikely.

Donald Trump wants to continue the wave of lawsuits after protests in Washington

Nonetheless, there will be noisy support for on the streets of Washington on January 6th Donald Trump give. Loyal fans even suspect a conspiracy of the republican against her President, as many party colleagues are contesting the US election do not approve and Joe Biden recognize as a rightful winner.

On an online talk show, ex-security advisor Mike Flynn, who was pardoned by Donald Trump in late November, spoke of millions of people who will appear to protest near the Capitol. At the “Million MAGA March” on November 14th in support of Donald Trump Eventually tens of thousands of protesters appeared: inside, in order against supposed ones Election fraud to demonstrate. The so-called “Proud Boys” – a right-wing extremist group that has also announced that it will take place on January 6th – called for a protest, which resulted in violence. What exactly Trump is planning for January 6th is still unclear. On Twitter he already expresses his anticipation for the demonstration. “Be there,” he wrote US President. “It’s getting wild!” (Lukas Rogalla)

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