Donald Trump sends a warning to the Republican Party

When it comes to his name, Donald Trump wants control. That was the case in business, and it is also true of the Republican Party. Now she got mail from his lawyers.

Former US President Donald Trump has sent several warnings to the Republican Party through his lawyers, according to US media reports. Reason: He wants to decide for himself when his name is used. Three organizations, the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the National Republican Senate Committee, were banned from promoting Trump in fundraising.

The Republican Party needs the donations to have enough money in the war chest for upcoming elections. On Friday she had sent two emails to her members asking for donations. In return, the mention on a greeting card to Donald Trump was offered.

According to the US magazine Politico, this is said to have been angry about it. After losing the election and the impeachment process, Trump is not particularly good at speaking to parts of the party. After all, some senators and congressmen had voted in favor of dismissal.

Donald Trump is very careful about the use of his name – after all, licensing his brand has been part of his business model as an entrepreneur.

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