Donald Trump remains stubborn – and refuses to vacate the White House for Joe Biden: Secret Service is examining scenarios

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It is still unclear whether Donald Trump will leave the White House voluntarily: Ex-Secret Service officials are already going through several scenarios.

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Washington DC – Must be soon Donald Trump the White House For Joe Biden vacate. Whether he will do it is another question. An official course of action in the event that a US President refuses to go, doesn’t seem to exist. At least it is unknown to ex-Secret Service officials who worry just in case.

Donald Trump: What if the US President doesn’t leave the White House?

On January 20, 2021 Joe Biden next US President sworn in. All rights, powers and responsibilities that Donald Trump as incumbent are instantly lost. Biden is explained about the so-called “football” – a secure satchel with important access data and instructions for the commander in chief. A military advisor will also be at his side immediately. The process is likely Biden be familiar, having been Vice President under Barack Obama for eight years.

In the event that Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House, the Secret Service has no fixed plan.

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What is certain is that the access data that Trump received about four years ago will no longer work – including the nuclear codes. The Pentagon will also withhold its orders. Even if Biden after being sworn in, not in White house Should be, he will take the post as US President can exercise.

USA: does Donald Trump leave the White House voluntarily?

What will happen though when Donald Trump simply refuses that White House to leave? There is no fixed plan. Former Secret Service personnel and initiates go through several scenarios. “I think I would with the Chief of Staff or the family, Ivanka and talk to the other children and say, ‘It will be your job to make sure he goes away,’ ”a former official told The Daily Beast.

Another option would be not to let staff in again after leaving the White House one last time. Without his staff “can Donald Trump do nothing “. Alone and isolated in the White House, he would be most likely to “throw in the towel”.

Does Donald Trump refuse? Secret Service goes through scenarios

Another ex-officer puts the blame on Republicans to: “I really believe that the Republican Party matters, if Donald Trump tried something like that. The Secret Service and the military don’t want anything to do with it. It’s not our job. ”With the swearing in office, the personal protection of the Secret Service immediately becomes for the security of Joe Biden be responsible.

Should Trump still refuse to leave the White House, if Joe Biden is US President, he is legally an “unauthorized person”: “Then we would have to escort him outside.”

Secret Service has no plan if Donald Trump doesn’t leave the White House

What the staff of Donald Trump im White house concerns, the management sends different signals, as “Politico” reports. In a message on Tuesday (December 22nd, 2020) it said that the evacuation of the workplace should begin in the week of January 4th, 2021. Including instructions to empty refrigerators and return office supplies. The next day an email followed in which the instructions were withdrawn. One should “please disregard” them.

Expressed in a video message on Tuesday evening Trump Criticism of the Corona aid package that Congress had decided. Said towards the end of his appeal Trumpthat the next government would have to come up with an adequate draft should Congress fail to meet its demands. “And maybe I am this government”, so Donald Trump. (Lukas Rogalla)

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