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Donald Trump: Property in New York could cause doom

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A sleepy castle in New York is the focus of the investigation against Donald Trump. Here he is said to have sneaked tax breaks.

  • In New York run against Donald Trump currently Investigations.
  • The former US President is said to have manipulated the value of a property.
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New York – About an hour’s drive north of New York City Mount Kisco is located in affluent Westchester County. Owns there Donald Trump a property on an area of ​​around 86 hectares – but its sleepy castle and the surrounding nature are currently subject to civil and criminal law Investigations. It is checked whether Trump allegedly manipulated the value of his property in order to gain tax breaks.

Donald Trump Investigation: Has He Tampered With The Value Of His Property?

With the end of his term of office and the corresponding lifting of his immunity, “Seven Springs” has again moved into the focus of the investigators. Although the headlines were made of other possible crimes by the ex-Presidents dominates – such as hush money payments and an influence on electoral authorities – but here the judiciary is assuming something against Trump to have found.

The property had Donald Trump Purchased in 1995 for $ 7.5 million, 2.25 million below list price. After economic failures of Trump in the 1990s, “Seven Springs” should get a new streak of luck going. In contrast to his other “glossy” properties, his property in Westchester is rather secluded and sleepy. The website mentions a family retreat. Donald Trump himself hasn’t been there for more than four years. When he brought plans for more than a dozen luxury homes into play Trump on the idea of ​​moving in with his family. However, this plan was forgotten. Previously, the construction of a golf course on the property was planned. The project failed due to objections from local residents – otherwise chemicals for the lawn could have poisoned Lake Byram, which is very close and serves as a source of drinking water. The subsequent planned construction of single-family houses also failed due to legal disputes.

Donald Trump: Investigators target remote New York property

So is Donald Trump followed an alternative strategy. He assured a trust for nature conservation that 60 hectares of meadows and forest would be left untouched. In return, he received a tax break of $ 21 million, the estimated value of the property. The value of the entire property was officially estimated on December 1, 2015 at 56.6 million – significantly higher than the estimate of the local authorities. They found the property to be worth a total of $ 20 million.

“Even if a tax problem in connection with a conservation agreement is not as sexy as paying hush money, the investigators focus more on every breach of the law they find,” former New York prosecutor Duncan Levin told the Associated Press. “Remember, the authorities caught Al Capone for tax offenses.”

“If the value of the tax break was improperly inflated, who benefited from it and how much?” Asks Michael Colangelo, who works for the attorney general in New York works, opposite the “AP”. “Obviously, the attorney general will have to review the records that demonstrate the value of this perk because it is sent to interim instances and eventually to mister Trump went personally. ”

Two Democrats lead investigations against Donald Trump

Michael Cohen, the former attorney for Donald Trump, reportedly told a congressional committee that the republican had manipulated the value of real estate regularly beforehand. Depending on the needs, he can increase or decrease the value in order to benefit from tax breaks or advantageous loan conditions. Cohen testified that Trump 2012 had documents that the value of “Seven Springs” was $ 291 million. He presented this to Deutsche Bank in order to apply for a loan and buy an NFL football team. Trump I also sent the documents to the financial magazine “Forbes” – so that they list him as one of the richest people in the world. In his financial disclosure from his time as US President there was talk of a property value of 25 to 50 million dollars.

Just a few days after leaving the White House Donald Trump the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, need to send documents. Building law documents for the three neighboring villages were also requested. Real estate companies in connection with the appraisal must also disclose their files. James is leading a civil investigation. Cyrus Vance Jr., Manhattan District Attorney, is against for the ongoing criminal investigation Trump responsible. Both are professing Democrats. A Vance employee reports “boxes and boxes of documents” that were received after the request.

Investigation against Donald Trump: son Eric had to testify

Donald Trumps Sohn, Eric Trump, had to testify before Letitia James, as Vice President of the “Trump Organization ”and President of the company through which it owns Seven Springs. Also Trump’s highest tax officer, Allen Weisselberg and attorneys related to the property for Trump were active, James had to face investigators. Last year the New York Times detailed about the tax records of Donald Trump reported. They show that the ex-president declared “Seven Springs” not as a personal residence, but as an investment property – which since 2014 has brought him further tax breaks of more than two million dollars. The Investigations marked against him Trump again and again as a “witch hunt”. (Lukas Rogalla)

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