Donald Trump plans revenge campaign against renegade Republicans – “He can do what he wants”

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Donald Trump announces a campaign of revenge against unfaithful Republicans at the CPAC conference. A key Republican warns Trump that this is “not helpful”.

  • Donald Trump remains the strong man of republican. More than two-thirds of the party’s supporters want him to continue as a leader.
  • On the occasion of the ultra-conservative CPAC conference takes Donald Trump amongst other things Mitch McConnell in front.
  • All the news about the 45th President of the USA can be found in Trump News.

Update from Thursday, March 4th, 2021, 10:31 a.m .: A new voice has intervened in the dispute in the Republican Party. The Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Tom Emmer, has Donald Trump warned against speaking out in the primaries for opponents of those MPs who voted against Trump in the impeachment.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is the Republican Party’s committee that helps candidates get elected to Congress. “He can do what he wants,” said Emmer to the magazine “Politico” in relation to Donald Trump. “But I would tell him that it is probably better for us to keep these people and make sure we have a majority that can be sustained in the future.”

Donald Trump wants to “get rid of” Republicans who voted for impeachment

During his speech at the conference conservative activist: inside at the weekend, the CPAC, Donald Trump had read out the names of all those who were in favor of impeachment Donald Trumps had voted. He said you have to “get rid of them”.

Donald Trump wants to “get rid of” Republicans who voted for his impeachment.

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“That won’t be helpful,” said Emmer, on the other hand. He announced that he would speak to Donald Trump. Had in the past week Donald Trump campaigned for Max Miller, Anthony Gonzales’ primary opponent. Gonzales, a MP in the House of Representatives, was one of ten Republicans who voted for one Impeachment Donald Trumps had voted.

Donald Trump intensifies dispute among Republicans – McConnell counters

+++ 10.57 am: Despite the senator’s attempts at arbitration Lindsey Graham there are still arguments between the Republicans. Mitch McConnell, Minority leader of the republican in the Senate, lets the taunts of Donald Trump against itself not uncommented. Trump wanted on Sunday (02/28/2021) in his speech on the conservative CPAC conference to reap the credit for McConnell’s re-election as Senator in 2020. This is reported by the right-wing news and opinion website “The Daily Caller”.

Said in his speech Donald Trump: “I have Mitch McConnell supported at his request, he asked for my support. I took him from one point behind to 20 points and he won the race in the great state and great Commonwealth of Kentucky. He won it very easily. And I said, ‘I wonder if I’m doing the right thing here,’ but guess what, I did what I did. ” Trump indicated that McConnell could only win elections with his support.

Mitch McConnell: Donald Trump attacks Republicans

On the talk of Donald Trump addressed, resisted Mitch McConnell on Tuesday (March 2nd, 2021) against the allegations. The Daily Caller reported that a reporter had spoken to McConnell about Trump taking “a lot of credit for your re-election”. McConnell then smiled and said ironically, “I also want to thank him for the 15-point lead I had in 2014.” In the 2014 Senate election, McConnell finally won with 56 percent of the vote after he was 15 points behind.

Mitch McConnell, Republican minority leader in the US Senate, is in the spotlight as a critic of Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump: Senator Lindsey Graham opposes the ex-president’s plans for revenge

First report from Wednesday, 03.03.2021: Palm Beach – Plans from its golf resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida Donald Trump the future of republican. Without further ado, the elected and now retired US President attacked those party colleagues head-on who had voted against him and for the impeachment motion of the Democrats in the course of the second impeachment proceedings.

Donald Trump wants the Republicans to focus entirely on themselves

The goal of the idol of much of the Republican electorate is clear: Donald Trump would like the republican Focus entirely on yourself, critics: there is no place inside his party of the future. Now a senator comes to the fore, the Donald Trump before his election as a presidential candidate in 2016 as Danger to the party but then followed him uncompromisingly: Senator Lindsey Graham.

Senator Lindsey Graham is considered one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters.


Lindsey Graham, golf buddy of Donald Trump, had initially withdrawn from Donald Trump after the storm on the Capitol on January 6th, after reinforcing his election fraud allegations and urging him to fight “hard” immediately after the election. But only a few weeks later and an attack by Trump fans on Graham at Reagan National Airport later, the Senator from South Carolina is again a loyal party soldier of the ex-president.

Senator Lindsey Graham wants to slow down Donald Trump’s revenge

In this role plans Lindsey Graham now, Donald Trump in his campaign of revenge against internal party critics: to slow down the inside. The Senator plans to travel to Palm Beach next weekend to speak to Donald Trump in person at the Mar-a-Lago golf resort. According to a person familiar with his plans, according to CNN, Graham plans to golf with Trump in Mar-a-Lago and, ideally, convince him that regaining Congressional majorities is for the republican could help build his own legacy as president.

According to the CNN source, would like to Lindsey Graham Be “constructive” and Donald Trump calling for his continued immense influence in the ranks of the Republicans to use for the good of the party. Graham considers Trump’s campaign of revenge against “disloyal” party members to be wrong. “They’re getting each other’s throats now,” the senator said in a weekday interview with Fox News. “I have more fears about 2022 than ever before. It cannot be that we eat each other up. “

Lindsey Graham criticizes parliamentary group leader Mitch McConnell, who criticized Donald Trump

Lindsey Graham deliberately takes a different line with his efforts than the chairman of the Senate parliamentary group republican, Mitch McConnell. McConnell has been pursuing a line that has been kept at a distance from Donald Trump since January 6, and has opposed the former president several times. Lindsey Graham however would like Donald Trump continue to involve and consider “Trump plus” for the future of the party. Graham lets his own parliamentary group leader appear: “President Trump is the most consistent Republican in the party,” the Senator told Fox News. “If Mitch McConnell doesn’t understand that, he’s missing a lot.”

So that indicates Graham at that Donald Trump will continue to direct the fortunes of the “Grand Old Party”. Trump himself announced on the stage of the CPAC conference, there “where it becomes necessary” those candidates: inside the republican Help with their primaries, which “work to make America great again and support our America First policies.” Special focus is on Georgia. David Perdue, who lost in the runoff election at the end of January, which was decisive for the majority in the US Senate, is said to have lost the support of the ex-president.

Donald Trump could help QAnon activist Marjorie Taylor Greene to the Senate seat

Donald Trump sees Perdue as a loser and is said to have made it clear to him, according to insider reports, that he would not support another candidacy. Now go in ranks of republican a fear that many party members suspect: Donald Trump, it is said, could Marjorie Taylor Greene, supporter of the right-wing extremist QAnon conspiracy cult and ardent Trump supporter, in Georgia in the race for the Senate seat.

Even in ranks of the republican Greene, who was most recently expelled from important committees of the House of Representatives, is considered untrustworthy and too flashy. Exactly with that she could be in line with Donald Trump, to whom an unconditional allegiance is particularly important. (Mirko Schmid)

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