Donald Trump: Now it’s enough for his most loyal paper – “Stop the madness”

Trump lost the election. Lawyer Sidney Powell is crazy. And Trump is degenerating into a regent of Shakespeare’s proportions. A loyal Trump newspaper finds sharp words.

  • Donald Trump hat die US election 2020 against the Democrat Joe Biden lost – even if he apparently turns a blind eye to it.
  • In his fight against alleged – and unproven – election manipulation, he even got caught with his former favorite station Fox News to each other.
  • Now a loyal tabloid asks him to finally acknowledge his defeat.

New York – “Mr. President. Stop the madness. ”A phrase that many people refer to Donald Trump could currently expect. The departing US presidentswho continues to cling to power, making even more absurd claims. Flanked by figures like Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer Sidney Powellthat are always numerous Conspiracy tales and Michael Flynn, whom he recently gifted.

You might really expect this sentence from many – but maybe not necessarily from the actual source. The New York Post. American tabloid, property of media mogul Rupert Murdoch – and always loyal to Donald Trump. Long before his time as 45th US President. Now it seems even enough for them. Between MAGA fan articles, someone seems to have lost their nerve. On Monday she did New York Post with said announcement. The subline, no less painful for Donald Trump: “You have lost the choice.”

Donald Trump: Even the loyal tabloid calls for acceptance to defeat the 2020 US election

Now this is actually not news, but from the ink cartridges of the tabloid it has a great intensity. As if it were current Trump-Anwalt Giuliani before the public and from a democratically lost US election speak. The paper gives in its leading article Donald Trump Advice on how to save his “legacy” – so as not to “King Lear of Mar-a-Lago” to become. A reference to a tragedy of William Shakespeare and its unpredictable King Lear.

“They are cheering an undemocratic coup,” writes the New York Post in them remarks further. Although he had “every right to have the choice examined”, nothing could be found. And it becomes even clearer what they are talking about Trumps keep loyal followers: “Sidney Powell is a crazy person. Michael Flynnwho that Martial law proposing is tantamount to treason. It’s embarrassing.”

title New York Post
founding 1801
owner Rupert Murdoch
Political orientation conservative tabloid

New York Post: Donald Trump Must Turn His Anger Into Something Productive – Is About “Legacy”

The paper utters sharp words. But: You mean it well with him, it goes on. “We understand, Mr. President, that you are angry that you have lost. But to go further on this path is ruinous. ”He had to use his energy instead of unoccupied Election manipulation to rage – to transform it into something productive.

“If you insist on spending your final days in the office threatening to burn everything down, that’s how you will be remembered. Not as a revolutionary, but as an anarchist ”, ends the New York Post their advice Donald Trump. (aka)

Fox News was no longer loyal to him. So Donald Trump needed a new favorite station. Newsmax and One America News were ready. They are now struggling with reality.

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