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Donald Trump: luxury hotel in trouble – and nobody likes to eat their steaks

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Hardly anyone wants to stay overnight in Donald Trump’s luxury hotel in Washington. Not only the guests are lost – also the reputation.

Washington DC – Things haven’t been going well for Donald Trump since he left the White House. His luxury hotel in Washington in particular is apparently in a deep crisis.

As the British “Guardian” reports, the Trump International Hotel in Washington, which was hit first by the coronavirus pandemic and then by the election defeat of its Republican owner, is suffering from enormous losses in sales and reputation. “It used to be the center of the Trump world, but I can’t imagine who is going there now,” said journalist Sally Quinn of the daily.

Donald Trump: Hotel in Washington was literally a second White House

For four long years the opulent lobby of the Trump Hotel was filled with diplomats: inside, lobbyists: inside, Trump loyalists: inside and family members of the former US President – Donald Trump literally used the overnight residence as a second White House. There were few places where you could see more hats that said “Make America Great”.

But the good times are obviously over. The “Washington Life” magazine already described Trump International as an empty ghost hotel. “We don’t even have tourists in Washington yet. I can’t imagine most people staying there when they come here. I don’t know anyone who goes or has gone there, ”Sally Quinn describes the situation.

According to the Guardian, the hotel in Washington had a turnover of only 15 million US dollars last year – a decrease of more than 60 percent compared to 2019. Donald Trump’s defeat in the US election against Joe Biden and the storming of the Capitol also caused a great loss of reputation.

News on Donald Trump

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Luxury hotel in trouble: Donald Trump’s son does not want to know anything about it

The hotel staff also confirm that the number of visitors has visibly decreased inside. An employee of the Trump Hotel, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the US news channel CNN that more and more guests had been staying away for almost a month. The business “has really slowed down.”

But the Trump family does not want to hear about the problems. When asked about the current occupancy and sales figures of the hotel, Eric Trump, son of the former President and Vice President of the Trump Organization, praised the hotel in a statement, but without citing specific figures: “Our location is unsurpassed and we are incredibly proud of it to have the best hotel in our nation’s capital, ”he said. The hotel is right between the White House and the Capitol. “It just doesn’t get any better,” said Eric Trump.

Kevin Chaffee, a senior editor of Washington Life magazine, told the Guardian: “The Trump Hotel has been struggling for a while.” And without Donald Trump, an overnight stay there would be even more unattractive for many. “Some embassies had their events there and they no longer have to do that.”

Donald Trump’s steaks are also no longer very popular

And Donald Trump’s steaks apparently only want to eat a few guests – although things actually went quite well during the Corona crisis. “I mean, we’ve been very busy,” Shawn Matijevich, the hotel’s steak restaurant’s former chef, told CNN. “With so many guests every day, you know, it got almost overwhelming at times – how many VIPs and members of our government were all in the same place.” But now most of the tables remain empty.

Donald Trump loves steaks. Apparently hardly anyone wants to eat his anymore.

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Even so, some fans seem to remain loyal to Donald Trump. While visiting CNN, a woman told the reporter, inside the lobby, unsolicited: “God bless Donald Trump. I mean what else can you do? We come here and we support him. “(Tim Vincent Dicke)

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