Donald Trump is the “most admired man”

Finally good news for Donald Trump: Despite the election defeat and the Corona crisis, many Americans admire him. In a survey by the Gallup Institute, he came in first.

There is not much good news for Donald Trump at the moment: At the beginning of November the Republican lost the US presidential election against the Democrat Joe Biden. Since then he has struggled to fight against his defeat with unsubstantiated election fraud allegations – completely unsuccessful.

Trump’s time in the White House is coming to an end, and attention has long been focused on his successor Biden. But shortly before the end of the event, the outgoing president receives a message that should flatter his ego: According to a recent poll, he is the “most admired man” in the United States.

The US institute Gallup compiles a ranking list every year and asks Americans: “Which man, who you have heard or read about and who now lives in any part of the world, do you admire most?” This year, between December 1st and 17th – after the presidential election – the institute interviewed 1,018 people from all US states by telephone. Trump made it to first place – with 18 percent of the vote.

Obama in second place, Biden in third place

Last year he was level with former US President Barack Obama – Obama topped the list for more than ten years in a row. This time Obama landed in second place in the Gallup poll (15 percent), followed by future US President Joe Biden (6 percent), the renowned US immunologist Anthony Fauci (3 percent), who is America’s face in the fight against Corona -Pandemic has become, as well as Pope Francis (2 percent).

For women, the former First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama, made it to first place again – with 10 percent of the vote. This is the third time in a row that she is at the top of the ranking. She will be followed this year by the future US Vice President Kamala Harris (6 percent), who will be the first woman ever to take up this powerful post in the US.

Then come the current US First Lady, Melania Trump (4 percent), and the US presenter Oprah Winfrey (3 percent). Chancellor Angela Merkel (2 percent) ranks fifth this year in favor of the Americans. She has made it into the top ten of the poll eight times – as one of the few non-American people.

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