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Donald Trump is planning his escape: no denial from the White House

The rumor mill about Donald Trump’s plans to inaugurate Joe Biden is simmering. The White House is also fueling the debate.

  • Possibly becomes US President Donald Trump did not personally hand over official business to his successor Joe Biden.
  • Instead, he could be in his Golfhotel „Trump Turnberry“ in Scotland be. The White House circumnavigated a denial.
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Update, January 6, 2020, 2:25 PM: The White House has adopted the plans of US-Präsident Donald Trump after the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2020 – and avoided a denial if possible.

“When the president has an announcement of his plans for January 20, he’ll let them know,” said Judd Deere, deputy press secretary for Donald Trump in the White House, according to the website of the US news channel Fox News. So far, neither the president’s press office nor the president himself have made any statements about his plans for the day Inauguration made.

Donald Trump: first announcement, then escape to Scotland?

Traditionally, the outgoing president takes part in the inauguration ceremony of his successor. According to the news agency “Associated Press” is considering Donald Trump, contrary to his original plan, now a short visit to the event – if only to validate his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election to proclaim. Then he could then board his plane and go after Scotland to fly.

First report from January 5, 2020: Washington D.C – Der US-Präsident Donald Trump has been voted out of office since November. On January 6th, the election result will be the winner Joe Biden Confirmed by Congress, two weeks later it moves into White House one and takes over the official business. Usually there is a reception from the departing Presidentwho accompanies the new head of state to the swearing-in ceremony. Trump could however, while Joe Bidens first day as president, to be out of the country.

Aviation sources suggest Trump flee to Scotland

The presumption that Trump the encounter with Biden Avoid sources from aviation sources. The Prestwick Airport in Scotland announced the arrival of a US military Boeing 757 for January 19. The machine is occasionally used by Donald Trump and his wife Melania used. Prestwick would prove to be wonderful for escape Trump Suitable: One of his favorite golf clubs is only a few kilometers away. Turnberry is the name of the club on the coast that Trump bought in 2014. Here he could go on vacation in peace while on the other side of the Atlantic Joe Biden can begin the political chaos Trumps in the USA to sort.

Donald Trump playing golf at Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland (archive image).

© Andrew Milligan/AP/dpa

The impression of a possible escape is reinforced by the activities of US military aircraft that have been on the for a week Prestwick Airport were stationed. They are supposed to have 3D reconnaissance over the area of ​​the Golf course have carried out, as reported sources of the “Sunday Post” in Prestwick. That could be an arrival Trumps prepared in November.

Trump has not officially commented on how the handover will take place

However, it is not certain that Trump will sit in the announced aircraft. Aviator of President, the First Lady and the Vice President’s receive a special US call sign for special treatment by air traffic controllers. They are informed weeks in advance that such an aircraft will land, but they do not find out which aircraft it is exactly.

“There is a booking for an American military version of the Boeing 757 on January 19th, the day before Inauguration“An anonymous source told the Sunday Post. “This is one that is usually dated Vice President is used, but often also by the First Lady. Presidential flights tend to be booked well in advance because of the work that has to be done around them. “

Donald Trump says goodbye – here to his supporters in Georgia, soon to the whole of the USA.


The American Foreign Ministry referred after a request to Trumps Whereabouts at Joe Bidens Inauguration on the White House. Its spokesman Judd Deere said Trump have not yet finalized his plans for January 6th. Should the still-President be in the near future Trump Turnberry Resort he would travel against those there Coronavirusregulate violated. According to the website, the hotel will be closed until February 5, 2021 to “ensure the health and safety of guests and employees”. It is not known whether this also applies to the owner of the golf club.

Trump Turnberry – A golf course with history and losses

The Turnberry Golfclub is one of the most prestigious properties owned Trumps. The associated hotel was built in 1906, and large golf tournaments are regularly held on the site. since Trump bought it in 2014, the club made mostly losses. At the time, he paid about $ 65 million for it and invested an additional $ 75 million in the property, as Forbes magazine reported. Even so, it has lost $ 61 million so far, about $ 3 million in 2019 alone.

Overall run Trumps Golf deals bad in Europe. He also lost $ 15.5 million in his club in Aberdeen, Scotland. The golf locations in Scotland make up about half the value of its golf resort portfolio. His club in Ireland also gave him about $ 10 million in losses. Trumps Golf location in the USA has been profitable so far – until he decided to pursue a political career. The Trump National Doral shortly before his term in office was worth 92.1 million US dollars, in 2017 only 75.4 million. After election night, the hotel reportedly lost a hundred thousand bookings, according to Forbes.

According to the newspaper “The Scotsman” could Trumps Activities in Scotland also be implicated in the tax scandal exposed by the New York Times. Among other things, it became known that he did not pay income tax in 2014 due to high losses. According to “The Scotsman” he paid the £ 35 million for Turnberry – in the same year – in cash. It is not known where the money came from at that time. (Sebastian Richter)

Rubriklistenbild: © TAMI CHAPPELL via

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