Donald Trump: investigation expanded – Now, his son is in focus

The Manhattan Attorney’s Office is stepping up its efforts to prove Donald Trump’s financial misconduct. His eldest son is increasingly becoming the focus.

  • The New York City Public Prosecutor’s Office headed by District Attorney Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr. is stepping up the investigation against Donald Trump.
  • Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the ex-president, is now at the center of the investigation.
  • All information about the 45th President of the USA and his family can be found in Trump News.

New York – Donald Trump is angry. After the Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court, has ruled that the former president of the judiciary must allow the judiciary to inspect his tax returns and financial records against his will, Trump senses nothing less than “fascism” that is going on against him be. At least that’s what he calls the investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York City were initiated against him and are gaining momentum.

The Supreme Court should never have allowed the investigation. made Donald Trump his anger in a statement on Monday (February 22, 2021). On this occasion, Trump insisted on claiming again that he had won the 2020 presidential election.

USA: Donald Trump sees himself as being persecuted by a political judiciary

Content of Investigation against Donald Trump are allegations of tax and insurance fraud, the possible forgery of business documents and the unlawful payments of hush money to the porn actress Stormy Daniels, with whom Trump is said to have had an extramarital affair.

Donald Trump feels as a victim of a politically staged persecution by the Democrats, as various people close to the former president confirmed to “The Daily Beast”. In this narrative fits on the one hand that the district attorney Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr.who started the investigation and is advancing, is a member of the Democrats. On the other hand, the myth of the democratic witch hunt is quickly invalidated if, as happened, a US Supreme Court that Trump himself has pushed to the right with his appointments expressly complies with the request for access to files by that same public prosecutor.

The New York prosecutor’s office increases to investigate Donald Trump

In their separate examination of business conduct Donald Trumps and his company, the New York prosecutors have now expanded their investigation spectrum to include the assets of the Trump family and have hired additional workers for this purpose. On February 18, the New York Times reported that the Manhattan Attorney’s Office called on Mark Pomerantz, a prominent former federal attorney in the US judiciary, to help investigate Trump and his real estate company.

According to the Wall Street Journal, prosecutors are now taking a look at loans that Donald Trump for several properties. Trump’s flagship property, the Trump Tower in Manhattan, is said to be among the buildings affected. Both the prosecutor of New York City and the current chief advisor to the former president, Jason Miller, recently declined to comment on this matter, citing ongoing legal proceedings. Donald Trump is concerned about what is going on in New York City, it is said from advisory circles, but he is credibly assured from within his own ranks that the investigation would bring nothing to light that could bring him down.

Donald Trump Jr. is the focus of the judiciary

Could also be cause for concern Donald Trump Jr. to have. The Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization co-directed his father’s affairs with his brother Eric Trump during his presidency. According to his company bio, Trump Jr. is in the business valuation field [und] Analysis “as well as leasing. The organization of international business, which is increasingly attracting the attention of the judiciary, is also part of the business of the oldest Trump offspring. This is due to the fact that the Trump Organization continued to earn millions abroad during the patriarch’s tenure, including real estate and trademark rights.

The New York investigator a Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr. In the course of their investigations, they mainly have an eye on possible amalgamations of official and private business of Trump, and there is even talk of possible corruption. And so now the person responsible for these foreign business moves Donald Trump Jr. in the focus of the investigation, together with Allen Weisselberg, the longstanding CFO of the Trump Organization. It should also have been Weisselberg who made the discreet and possibly criminally relevant hush money payments to the porn actress Stormy Daniels together with Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen should have settled in order to spare Donald Trump annoying headlines.

The prosecution’s key witness is Donald Trump’s former attorney

With regard to these hush money payments, the public prosecutor’s office checks whether campaign donations have been illegally misused, Michael Cohen has already been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for tax evasion and false statements before Congress. The fact that the investigation is now picking up speed could be due to the fact that Cohen met with the investigators for the fifth time on February 18 New York District Attorney put together to put his statements on record.

Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr. personally took part in the interrogation, which is taken by the US media as a sign of how cautious the investigators are with the testimony of their witness, who is now Donald Trump has given up and accuses the former president of having used it and then left it hanging. Michael Cohen himself expressed accordingly little conciliatory about his former employer: “The Supreme Court has now made it clear that no one is above the law,” Cohen told The Daily Beast. “Trump will have to take responsibility for his own dirty deeds for the first time. “(Mirko Schmid)

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