Donald Trump: “I only want 11,780 votes” – newspaper publishes complete recording of phone call

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Donald Trump threatens the Georgia election officer on the phone to give him the victory. Again calls for impeachment are loud.

  • The Washington Post published an explosive phone call from Donald Trump with the State Secretary and election officer of Georgia.
  • Donald Trump calls Brad Raffensperger on, the result of the US election in Georgia to change.
  • Trump News: Alle news as the outgoing President of USA can be found here at an overview.

Update, 11:19 a.m.: The “Washington Post“Took on the allegations of David Shafer, the chairman of the Republicans in the US state Georgia, responds and the entire tape recording of the phone call between Donald Trump and Brad Raffensperger released.

In the one-hour phone call is Donald Trump to hear him talking about a slew of different and unproven conspiracy theories surrounding the US election brings up theories, including theories Trump apparently adopted straight from QAnon conspiracy sites. Trump apparently had others on far-right news sites like “One America News Network“And” Newsmax “picked up, namely the theory that the voting machine manufacturer” Dominion “manipulated the US election for Joe Biden.

Donald Trump threatens Georgia election officer on the phone and files lawsuit

Update, 10:48 am: Donald Trump has according to the Republican Party Lawsuit against Brad Raffensperger, the head of the US election in the state Georgia submitted. David Shafer, chairman of the Republicans in the said state, confirmed this via tweet.

The phones between Donald Trump and Brad Raffensperger was secretly recorded, writes Shafer. It was a “confidential discussion”. In addition, the “Washington Post” had “heavily edited” the recording. The publication violates both federal laws and state laws Georgia.

However, it is the state Georgia a so-called “one party consent” state, according to whose laws only one party has to agree to a conversation. Obviously it was Brad Raffensperger aware that his phone call is with Donald Trump is recorded. The lawsuit of Donald Trump accordingly few opportunities are assigned. The conversation could also not be classified as confidential because Trump had already reported on it before the tape recording was published – via his own Twitter channel.

Donald Trump threatens on the phone: memories of the Ukraine conversation are awakened

Update, 8:42 a.m .: The call from Donald Trump reminded numerous observers: inside the USA to the infamous phone call of the US presidents with Volodymyr Selenskyi. The conversation with the Ukrainian President once had that Impeachment-Proceedings initiated against Trump.

Donald Trump called Georgia, according to the report, urging the election officer to manipulate the 2020 US election. (Archive photo)

© Brendan Smialowski / AFP

Even after the one that has just emerged Tape recording of Donald Trump and Brad Raffensperger will be calling for a late Impeachment of the already voted out US President loudly. According to the “Washington Post“, The US newspaper that published the tape recordings, Trump said in that phones “Begged, threatened and lied”.

Even on Fox News, the right-wing US broadcaster that has been by the side of for more or less four years Donald Trump most of the commentators couldn’t believe their ears. Lawyer Gayler Trotter’s desperate attempt Donald Trump’s threats to put it into perspective, was greeted with a laugh by the others present.

After the US election: Donald Trump threatens Brad Raffensperger on the phone

Washington DC – The incumbent US-Präsident Donald Trump continues to fight against his electoral defeat: In an unusual phone call, the 74-year-old asked for a subsequent change in the result in the state Georgia squat. In the one-hour conversation Trump for the implementation of the US election responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger bluntly asked to “find” enough votes for him and “recalculate” the result, as the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

The newspaper published parts of a recording of Saturday’s conversation. Other US media, including the AP news agency, later reported on the content of the conversation, citing the recordings they had. The Republican Trump wrote down Twitter about the phones With Raffensperger and berated his party colleague as “clueless”.

Phone call with Donald Trump: Secretary of State of Georgia should find votes for him

Trump Raffensperger threatened in the phone call that he was taking a “great risk” and that he might be guilty of a crime if he did not oppose Election fraud go ahead. The incumbent president narrowly lost Georgia in the November 3rd election. The Democrat Joe Biden was there with about 12,000 votes in front. The results were recounted there twice. The end result changed only slightly as a result, there was no evidence of electoral fraud.

In the phone call complained Donald Trump about the “wrong” result in Georgia and protested that he had the US election won. “I only want to find 11,780 votes … because we won the state,” he said, according to the recording. “We won the election and it is not fair to take the victory away from us,” said Trump. “It cannot be that I Georgia “Hundreds of thousands” of questionable votes had been cast, claimed Trump. “Dead people voted,” he continued.

Donald Trump: Phone call with Secretary of State of Georgia published

Raffensperger should check the results again. There is “nothing wrong with declaring that everything has been recalculated. “But check it out with people who want to find answers,” said Donald Trump. Raffensperger replied, according to the recording: “We have to stand by our numbers. We believe our numbers are correct. ”The State Secretary also pointed out that the results would have stood up in court. He later wrote on Twitter, referring to Trump’s claims, “With respect, Mr. President, what you say is not true.”

The Washington Post article said the “rambling and sometimes incoherent conversation” showed how “obsessed and desperate” was president given his election defeat. Donald Trump still believe that he can change the outcome in enough states to secure a second term, it said. Trump’s chief of staff took part in the phone call Mark Meadows and republican attorneys. Democratic Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has Donald Trump “Brazen abuse of power” accused. The “voice of despair” is recognizable, she said during an election campaign appearance in Georgia.

Donald Trump loses in Georgia: phone call should bring more votes

“The people in Georgia are angry, “claimed Trump. Runoff elections for two Senate seats will take place in the state on Tuesday, the result of which could overturn the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives in Washington. Trump also wanted to campaign personally in Georgia on Monday.

Donald Trump lost the election almost two months ago but continues to refuse to acknowledge Biden’s victory. He is to be sworn in as the new President on January 20th. Biden won 306 votes from the electorate, significantly more than the 270 votes necessary for victory. In Georgia the votes of 16 voters were given. Trump has also questioned the results in other states, including Pennsylvania with its 20 electorate. However, he and his allies have not succeeded in their lawsuits against the results – even from Trump Appointed judges dismissed complaints, some with very clear reasons.

Donald Trump asks for more votes in the phone call: Kamala Harris speaks of “abuse of power”

In the formal election procedure of the USA The certification of the results from the individual states is still available on Wednesday (from 7:00 p.m. CET) congress at. Only then will it be official who has won the election. republican from the House of Representatives and the senate have announced that they will object to the results of individual states during the procedure. The disruptive action can be the confirmation of Biden’s victory in the US election delayed by a few hours, but has no prospect of actually changing the outcome of the election. (FR with dpa)

Rubriklistenbild: © Brendan Smialowski / AFP

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