Donald Trump: First Lady Melania defaces Mar-a-Lago – Donald Trump angry and leaves

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Donald Trump wants to move to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. However, he does not seem to agree with his wife Melania on questions of style regarding the domicile. Now the Trumps have left.

  • Donald Trump wants the time after his presidency in his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida spend. Residents: inside in Palm Beach are anything but enthusiastic about the plans.
  • First Lady Melania Trump, however, causes displeasure with her husband: Renovation work in the golf resort encountered Trump. The first lady should also look for schools for her son Barron Trump on site.
  • Trump News: All the news on the 45th President of the USA at a glance.

Update from Friday, January 1st, 2021, 6.16 a.m .: Andres than the previous years spent the elected US-Präsident Donald Trump New Year’s not in Golfresort Mar-a-Lago in Florida but Trump is with Wife Melania after Washington traveled. It is believed that he would like to prepare for a disturbance of the Republicans at the official reading of the election winner in Congress. The US TV station “CNN” reports.

But the mood of Donald Trump in his retreat in the Southwest Florida should have been tarnished last anyway. The reason: According to “CNN”, wife Melania redesigned the private quarters – against the will of the current president of the United States.

With Donald Trump and wife Melania, the house blessing is apparently crooked. The reason: The first lady is said to have defaced the domicile in Florida Mar-a-Lago.

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Update from Wednesday, December 30th, 2020, 10:00 a.m .: The golf resort Mar-a-Lago, located in southwest Florida, is considered a retreat for Donald Trump and his family. Since the beginning of his US presidency the 74-year-old is said to have stayed there regularly to play golf and celebrate parties. When Trump shortly before Christmas When he arrived at the golf resort, his mood was probably not so good – at least, worse than on his previous visits.

Apparently it was Private quarters the Trumps in Mar-a-Lago renovated and remodeled. When Donald Trump entered the area, he is said to have suddenly annoyed, as reported by “CNN”, citing internal sources from the resort. “He wasn’t happy with it,” said an insider. Behind the redesign on the approximately 3000 square meter area, which not only includes the living area, is probably the First Lady. Melania Trump took on the matter together with interior designer Tham Kannalikham.

Donald Trump angry with First Lady: Plans for New Year’s Eve are in progress

your husband personally instructed employees of the golf resort Mar-a-Lago then started making some changes, such as removing marble and dark wood statues and decorations. According to “CNN” was Melanias Remodeling campaign not the first of its kind: The First Lady buttoned himself accordingly Camp David to the Thanksgiving Holidays decorative, which also causes displeasure Husband Donald should have taken care of.

Donald Trump in his office in Mar-a-Lago: Here he could work for the last weeks of his presidency.

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Away from bad mood of US presidents should in Mar-a-Lago Better times will return soon. Despite the high number of corona infections, a New Year’s party is expected to rise on New Year’s Eve. That reports the “Palm Beach Post”. A regular “CNN” also confirmed that the celebration should take place. In recent years, guests have paid thousands of US dollars to attend this evening Donald Trump and to celebrate with his family. While the US President devotes himself to planning for New Year’s Eve, his lawyers are going to the Supreme Court again to repeatedly challenge the result of the 2020 US election.

Donald Trump and Melania look for school in Mar-a-Lago

Update from Thursday, December 17th, 2020, 10:58 a.m .: Even though US-Präsident Donald Trump at the end of his term of office based on an agreement his golf resort Mar-a-Lago may not make it the main residence for the family, appropriate preparations are evidently being made. According to a report by The Mercury News, looks Melania Trump already looking for schools for son Barron (14) in Florida um.

People magazine recently reported that Melania Trump “Has been looking for just the right school across Palm Beach County and neighboring Broward County,” Barron Trump can continue ninth grade at when the family moves to Florida. A source told the magazine, “There are some options and you will soon decide.”

Melania Trump is said to be looking for schools for son Barron (14, left) in Florida.

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Relocation to Florida: Mar-a-Lago is being renovated for the Trump family

One of them is arguably the Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, about 40 minutes from Mar-a-Lago located in Palm Beach that is Melania Trump recently, according to the tabloid magazine “Page Six” should have looked. At the private school, children from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade are looked after. For grades nine to twelve, the school costs 35,150 US dollars (just under 29,000 euros) a year, plus additional costs for uniforms and laptops, for example.

But preparations are being made for the Trump’s move to Florida not only in terms of school. Melania Trump is also supposed to already be renovating the resort Mar-a-Lago supervise who should make the property more homely. “Donald’s apartment, which once belonged to Mar-a-Lago founder Marjorie Merriweather Post, is being enlarged and spruced up,” a source close to the president is quoted as saying in “People”. “They are definitely renovating his apartment inside the Mar-a-Lago Club to make it bigger, more modern and more comfortable for his use,” the source said. Melania is said to have a separate bedroom.

Donald Trump unwanted in Florida: Legal dispute with neighbors in Mar-a-Lago is looming

First report from Wednesday, December 16, 2020, 4:07 p.m .: Palm Beach – Also this winter it’s going for Donald Trump after Florida, more precisely in his golf resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beachthat from US presidents also known as the “Winter White House”. Would like to Trump living there after the end of his term in January. But residents: inside could thwart his plans. You are referring to an agreement that was concluded around two decades ago, Trump but clearly communicates that he should live elsewhere.

Donald Trump not wanted in Mar-a-Lago

Soon will Donald Trump the White House may have left forever. How exactly that US President will spend the last phase of office is unclear even to his inner circle. So it is speculated that Trump shortly before Christmas after Florida travels and no longer ins White House will return. But the immediate neighborhood wants the long-term move in Donald Trump prevent.

In a letter to the city Palm Beach, which is available to the Washington Post, residents express their concerns and refer to an agreement that Donald Trump supposed to have signed in the early 1990s. Accordingly, the real estate entrepreneur at the time had his right to a residence in Mar-a-Lago forfeited when he converted the property into a private club.

Neighbors against the arrival of Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago

The dispute could cause that Ex-President Donald Trump soon towards the community Palm Beach justify and his chosen residence in Mar-a-Lago must defend. Left his place of residence Trump already moved from New York to the “Sunshine State” in the southeast.

Mar-a-Lago: Donald Trump wants to live here after his tenure as US President, but his neighbors are against it.


In the letter, a lawyer speaks for the residents. They demand from the city Donald Trump to notify that he Mar-a-Lago cannot use as a residence. That would “avoid an embarrassing situation” that arises if Trump moves in, but shortly afterwards is asked to leave the property.

Donald Trump is in trouble in Florida over Mar-a-Lago

With his numerous visits to Mar-a-Lago has Donald Trump Created enemies in the local area even before his tenure as US President. Blocked roads, the willful ignoring of local guidelines – such as a height limit on flagpoles – and attempts to break promises all have deep-seated resentments against Trump taken care of.

“There is absolutely no legal basis according to which he can use this property as a residence and as a club,” explains neighbor and lawyer Glenn Zeitz. “He won’t be able to intimidate or deceive people because we’ll be there.” Neither that White House nor the mayor of Palm Beach wanted to speak to the “Washington Post” on the matter.

Donald Trump wants to go to Mar-a-Lago in the long term: Agreement could prevent his plans in Florida

According to the agreement, club members may not spend more than 21 days a year and a maximum of seven days in a row Mar-a-Lago spend. An attorney for Donald Trump supposed to the city council of Palm Beach have assured that he will not live there and that Mar-a-Lago not a residential hotel, but a private club.

A spokesman for the business affairs of Donald Trump denies the existence of such an agreement that would forbid him from being in Mar-a-Lago to live. The town Palm Beach should also hardly enforce the applicable rules, as research by the Washington Post found.

Donald Trump in his office in Mar-a-Lago


During his tenure was Donald Trump at least 30 times Mar-a-Lago traveled and spent at least 130 days there. However, there are no objections on the part of the city. Also don’t mind that Donald Trump openly admits to having private quarters on the club’s website. Another agreement was concluded Trump with the NGO “National Trust for Historic Preservation”, in which he refrains from Mar-a-Lago not expand and use it as nothing but a club.

Donald Trump wants to live in Mar-a-Lago: neighbors make plans for living in Florida difficult

The dispute with the neighbors could also complicate the work of the Secret Service, which must always adhere to rules and regulations, Donald Trump after his time as US President but will continue to protect if he is in Mar-a-Lago should live. Several agents are supposed to move into a room in his property and carry out their operations from there to maintain the security of the ex-President Taxes.

In the letter the neighbors will Donald Trump advised to look elsewhere. “Palm Beach has many beautiful properties for sale and we are sure that President Trump will find one that meets his needs. “(Lukas Rogalla, Tobias Utz, Ines Alberti)

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