Donald Trump: Even the “New York Post” has enough – media

Sometimes the truth needs a traitor to speak it mercilessly. What everyone knows – that Donald Trump lost the election, that his attempts to refute that border on madness, or that there are some pretty crazy guys among his helpers – Trump especially doesn’t want to know himself. He firmly believes that the election was at least the greatest fraud in US history.

At some point, even its ardent supporters at the tabloid must do it New York Post got on my nerves. The newspaper, which patiently wrote the real estate entrepreneur to be a genius for decades, called on its idol on the front page of Monday’s issue: “Mr. President, stop the insanity!” (Stop this madness!) The subline added another insult to Trump with a simple statement: “You lost the election”.

The corresponding text inside was not lacking in clarity: The attempt to call on the Republicans to oppose the election result so that they grant Trump another term in office is an “undemocratic coup”. To flirt with the imposition of martial law, as Trump’s former adviser Michael Flynn did, is nothing more than “treason”. The meschugge lawyer Sidney Powell, who was allowed to come to the White House three times before Christmas, is easily referred to as “crazy”. The whole spectacle is a “shame”, Trump, for his “legacy” Post fears threatening to become “King Lear of Mar-a-Lago”.

A feminist emerges

During the holidays, Trump continued to spread conspiracy theories and announced even bigger, more revealing revelations about the rigged election and, as usual, railed against Republican dissenters, the FBI and the Supreme Court, who did not help him to his alleged rights.

Secretly he seems to have come to terms with his defeat. At Christmas he forwarded a tweet complaining that the “most elegant first lady in American history,” former photo model Melania Trump, had not appeared on a cover for four years. Trump was just the superlative too weak. He therefore added: “The greatest of all time!” A president leaves, a feminist emerges.

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