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Donald Trump drops almost 300 positions in the most millionaire people

Everything indicates that being president of the United States for four years was not the best economic decision for Donald Trump on a personal level, after it was revealed that fell almost 300 places in the ranking of the richest men from the world of the magazine Forbes.

That renowned Republican magnate, who once had a reality show where he promoted his business vision to the contestants, currently occupies the number one thousand 299 among billionaires, after last year it was placed at 1,001 in the ranking.

According to the magazine specialized in business, from January 2017 to 2021, when he held the position of president of the United States, the fortune of Trump had a decline, going from 3.5 billion to 2.4 billion dollars.

The comparison is not less, since while Trump’s companies reported decline, the stock index Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) reported a rise of 70 percent.

In its analysis, the US media considered that if Trump had sold everything from the first day of his presidential term, having paid the maximum taxes for capital gains and if subsequently the resources obtained had been invested in shares, the Republican would now have $ 1.6 billion more of which he currently owns.

In just one year, Trump had a drastic drop in the list, and although he is richer than in the previous period, couldn’t keep up with other billionaires they rose rapidly.

To take into account, two emblematic Trump buildings located in New York have had drastic declines during his presidency in the United States, reporting one at -217 million dollars and the other at -195 million dollars. The situation was not very distant in his firm dedicated to the management of hotels and licenses, as well as his golf course in Miami, Florida.

The only businesses or areas where Trump has had a rise, according to Forbes, have been his participation in the complex of three buildings in San Francisco, California, and his residence in Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida.

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