Donald Trump continues to stumble – but a TV station remains loyal to him

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US President Donald Trump loves the channel OAN – and it remains loyal to the outgoing US President. After the threat of legal action, the network relies on its own conspiracy theories.

  • One America News Network and Newsmax overtake Fox News and offer ultra-right coverage.
  • Donald Trump is increasingly relying on the two channels.
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Washington DC – The right US television station “One America News Network“(OAN) spreads falsehoods, tells conspiracy myths and keeps the outgoing US president Donald Trump faithful to the pole. Despite threatened lawsuits and legal disputes, the pro-Trump medium wants to continue in the same way.

In particular, the TV broadcaster “One America News Network” – “OAN” for short – supports Donald Trump. (Archive photo)

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OAN had spread the unsubstantiated story in numerous shows that the manufacturer of voting machines “Dominion Voting Systems“And the voting software of the company” Smartmatic “helped to get votes for Donald Trump to Joe Biden– to convert votes. Some Trump supporters also spread the conspiracy theory that both corporations have conspiratorial ties to each other – There is no evidence of this.

Donald Trump and OAN spread conspiracy theories – Dominion defends itself

Sent in response to the baseless allegations Dominion the right-hand sender letters threatening legal action. The Canadian company threw OAN in the letters that the network was spreading unsubstantiated myths and slander on US television.

Dominion asked the network to save all documents and reports related to the group, reported the news site “Business Insider”. Reacted in letters that were available to the “insider” OAN by asking Dominion to keep certain documents so that the network can “protect its own claims and defenses in the event of a legal dispute.”

OAN: Bizarre theories about Donald Trump and the 2020 US election

Completely bizarre: The material to keep it “One America News Network“Asks, relies on your own unsubstantiated conspiracy theories around Donald Trumpthat led Dominion to issue the threats in the first place. OAN urged the companies in individual letters Dominion and Smartmatic to secure all conversations and correspondence between the boss of Smartmatic, Antonio Mugica, and a number of people, including the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

Donald Trump still refuses his defeat admit – right-wing media, like OAN, Newsmax and Breitbart speak to his mouth. The outgoing president has been denouncing alleged electoral fraud for weeks without presenting any reliable evidence. Trump and his allies have suffered dozens of court defeats.

Donald Trumps conspiracy lawyer Sidney Powell claimed that the Presidential elections in November had been manipulated by forces from Venezuela and China, among others. The Dominion company played a role in the irregularities. (Tim Vincent Dicke)

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