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Donald Trump condemns violence during storming of the US Capitol and promises an orderly transfer of power

US President Donald Trump called on his supporters on Wednesday to move to the Capitol and not to put up with the election fraud he had spread. Then Trump’s supporters stormed parliament and wreaked havoc. Now, around 24 hours later, Trump condemns the riot.

He was outraged by the violence, said Trump in a video on Twitter. The platform had recently lifted the lock on Trump’s account. Trump said the storm on the Capitol was a “hideous attack.” The demonstrators had “polluted the seat of American democracy” with their action. But: “America is and always will be a nation of law and order.” Those responsible must be held accountable. The situation must now calm down, said Trump.

The president himself had encouraged his supporters to move to the Capitol. In a speech on Wednesday he urged tens of thousands of supporters present not to put up with the “theft” of the election. As a result of the riots, Trump initially avoided explicitly condemning the violence. Since the riot there have been calls for an early removal of Trump. The Republican’s term officially ends on January 20.

“Smooth, orderly and seamless transfer of power”

In the Twitter video, Trump repeated his baseless election fraud allegations, but made it clear that he would hand over his office to President-elect Joe Biden in an orderly manner. “A new government will be sworn in on January 20,” said Trump: “My focus is now on ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transfer of power.” Trump called on the United States for “reconciliation” and a “healing” process.

Trump also said to the American citizens that it had been the “honor of his life” to serve as president. However, he made it clear that he is unlikely to withdraw from the public. “And to all of my wonderful supporters: I know you are disappointed,” said Trump: “But I want you to know that our incredible journey is just beginning.”

Trump supporters forcibly entered the Capitol on Wednesday. They smashed windows and occupied rooms. Because of the riot, the parliamentarians had to be brought to safety by the police. A woman was shot dead by police during the riot in the Capitol.

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