Donald Trump is positioned in the North American sports portals. The businessman called for a boycott against Major League Baseball, after the announcement was made. withdrawal from All-Star Game in Atlanta, this summer, on a proposal by the new voting law that was passed by the state of Georgia.

Through a statement issued by the organization Save America PAC, Trump urged fans to boycott the competition. The former president maintained constant confrontations with the leagues that he considered “politicized“And with managers”coerced”.

Trump claimed that Major League Baseball had “fear of radical left democrats”. The former president alleged that the party pressured the first commissioner, Rob Manfred, to change the venue due to the new Georgia electoral law.

“Baseball is losing large numbers of fans (…) And now they are leaving Atlanta with their All-Star Game because they fear radical left democrats they don’t want a voter ID, which is desperately needed to protect our elections, “said Trump.

With information from EFE.

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