Donald Trump at the CPAC conference: Ex-President rules out starting his own party

In his first public appearance since leaving office, former US President Donald Trump ruled out the establishment of a new party. “I’m not going to found a new party,” said Trump on Sunday in Orlando at the CPAC conference, an event organized by conservative activists.

“We have the Republican Party,” Trump said. You will be united and stronger than ever. “I will continue to fight directly at your side.” Earlier reports about the possible establishment of a party were “fake news”. At the same time, Trump attacked a number of party critics – especially those parliamentarians who had voted against him in the impeachment process.

A candidacy in the 2024 presidential election did not rule out Trump, but it remained vague. “Actually, they just lost the White House, as you know,” Trump said, referring to the Democrats. “I might even decide to hit her a third time.” The audience responded with thunderous applause.

Trump still refuses to admit his defeat to Biden. He has never presented evidence to support his allegations of fraud. Biden got 81 million votes in the election and had a clear majority of the electorate. A good 74 million Americans voted for Trump. Dozens of lawsuits from the Trump camp against the result were unsuccessful. However, he said again in his speech that it was “impossible” that he had lost.

The Republican had already flirted openly with the possibility of running for the presidency again in the past. After his acquittal in the impeachment process for storming the Capitol on January 6, this path is basically open to him.

Trump on Biden: “First month of disaster”

Trump also sharply criticized the policies of his successor Joe Biden, which is unusual for a recently out of office US president. He certified Biden “the most disastrous first month of a president in modern history.”

The new administration is “anti-jobs, anti-family, anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women, anti-science,” said Trump. Biden is opening the border with neighboring Mexico and allowing countless migrants into the country, Trump said in front of conservative politicians and activists. The new president is also leading the country into “socialism” and ultimately into “communism” with “radical” left-wing politics. Trump’s appearance was greeted with frenetic applause and “USA! USA! USA! «- accompanied calls.

Trump’s speech was largely similar to his campaign speeches from last year. The Republican claimed to have built the “strongest economy” in world history and to have achieved great success in the fight against the corona pandemic. With the development of vaccines against the corona virus, the US would have “saved large parts of the world,” said Trump.

In the United States, more than 510,000 people have died as a result of the pandemic, by far the highest number in the world. Critics make Trump’s crisis management largely responsible for this.

Trump is not without controversy in his party. However, he still enjoys great support from large sections of the party and the grassroots. That was also evident in an opinion poll of attendees at the CPAC conference on who would be the best Republican presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

Trump ended up in first place by a large margin with 55 percent. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second with 21 percent of the vote. 97 percent of the participants gave Trump a good report card.

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