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Donald Trump and Georgia Runoff: Are Republicans Losing Everything? Survey FIasko for Loeffler and Perdue

In the US, things are getting serious again: the Senate runoff elections in Georgia are about everything for Republicans and Democrats. The latest polls make you sit up and take notice.

  • On January 5th it will be in the US state Georgia two Senate seats per Runoff forgive.
  • In the duels Loeffler/Warnock and Ossof / Lost Democrats and Republicans have far more than two mandates.
  • Should Donald Trumps Republikaner lose both seats, the balance of power changes dramatically: Joe Biden would have largely free travel when ruling.
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Atlanta/Washington – On Tuesday (January 5th) it will be in the United States Time for the next one big political showdown: In the state Georgia* will be in Runoff elections two Senate seats awarded. And what doesn’t sound like big politics at first could be for them USA have similar consequences as the presidential elections: It’s a matter of whether Donald Trumps Republikaner Can build a kind of permanent ban in Congress against new President Joe Biden – or whether Biden can rule largely unhindered.

Georgia: Runoff election sets the course for major US politics – Trump’s Republicans could face debacle

So that the conservatives in the senate the majority keep at least one of the two at stake in Georgia Mandate* win. In the state that usually elects to be republican, this is actually not rocket science. But youngest Survey Results are likely to raise the alarm sirens among the Republicans. At the same time, the vote could become a final indirect vote on Trump himself.

Initially, only one poll provided information about the mood of the voters after Christmas. Ironically, the Trafalgar Group institute, which is more closely related to Trump, has published it – and a tendency to two successes of the Democrats against the incumbent *.

Runoff election in Georgia: Republicans Loeffler and Perdue lag behind according to polls

For the runoff duel between the Democrats Jon Ossof and the Republican David Perdue Trafalgar raised a lead of 2.1 percentage points in favor of Ossof. Including voters who are not yet fully determined, the democratic challenger even rose by 2.7 percentage points: the result was 50.4 percent to 47.7 percent.

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the Senate runoff election campaign in Georgia.

© Robin Rayne /

The tendency in the very unequal duel between Senatorin Kelly Loeffler (Republicans) and the black clergyman Reverend Raphael Warnock (Democrats): A result of 49.6 percent to 48.8 percent for Warnock showed the mood of December 29th.

Trump’s election defiance overshadows the Senate runoff election in Georgia – approval for still-US president falls

Although the election of the people’s representatives in the Senate formally has nothing to do with the presidential decision, it overshadows US election continues the struggle for mandates in Georgia. The Trump-Lager recently increased the pressure on Republican MPs not to recognize the election result. Loeffler and Perdue – the last one is currently in Corona quarantine – are apparently hesitant to distance themselves from the outgoing president. Because of course Trump is also an important factor among the voters in Georgia.

When the Senate blocked Trump’s veto on the defense budget, both abstained, Perdue also due to his quarantine-related absence. It remains to be seen whether it is politically a good decision to hold Trump up the rails. Recent surveys by the Rasmussen and Suffolk Institutes show that the US population the Rejection for the President’s policy has recently risen sharply – according to Rasmussen Reports by a whopping nine percentage points to 54 percent. The previously loyal media had also turned away. At the same time, Trump wants to play a strong role as “kingmaker” with the Republicans in the future.

USA: Trump’s Republicans could lose Congress in Georgia – Biden can hope for great freedoms

For Loeffler and Perdue, meanwhile, the pressure to show a clear edge is increasing. The Berkeley professor and book author Robert Reich about wrote on Sunday (January 3) in a tweet directly to the two Republican senators. His question: will the two incumbents try to win the election Joe Bidens still to be blocked as Trump is calling for it? “The people of Georgia deserve your answer before they decide whether you want to continue to represent them,” said the politics professor – albeit as a former Minister Bill Clintons also have a clear preference for the outcome of the election.

One thing is clear: the last meters in the election race will be very decisive. If both Loeffler and Perdue lose their posts, it becomes one in the Senate Stalemate between Democrats and Republicans give. The decisive vote would then have Vice President Kamala Harris. And Biden’s Democrats already have a majority in the House of Representatives. The result in this scenario: The democrat would have the best chance of getting his most important concerns largely unhindered through the parliament. (fn) * is part of the Ippen digital network.

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