Donald Trump Airport? US President wants the airport to be named after himself

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US President Donald Trump wants a popular airport to be named after him. But he would also be fine with his name on an aircraft carrier.

  • His term of office does not last long: on January 20 Donald Trump of Joe Biden be replaced as US President.
  • The one who was voted out seems to be concerned about his after-effects president already to worry: Trump wants one among other things Airport is named after him.
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Washington, DC – Working with seemingly unbroken will Donald Trump on his loss to challenger Joe Biden. Last Friday he conferred with Sidney Powell about further moves in the battle to have the election result canceled. Powell’s name is rarely associated with lately Trump fallen – his campaign team publicly distanced themselves from the lawyer after she spread conspiracy myths about the course of the election at a press conference. Now seems Trump wanting to save their reputation. His reputation among the population also seems to be important to him: confidants now report Trump want that one Airport is named after him.

Airport or aircraft carrier – Donald Trump apparently wants his name to be stuck

Several sources close to the President have more details on the request Donald Trump. After the election on November 3rd, the latter asked what “paperwork” was necessary Airport could be named after him. But he emphasized directly that there was no Airport should be with a bad reputation that once bears his name.

And not only that: Donald Trump apparently thinks even bigger: “The Daily Beast” reports another confidante, Trump have also spoken aloud about the christening of an aircraft carrier in his name.

Airports and aircraft carriers bear the names of former presidents USA not uncommon. For example, the Airport renamed from New York to “John F. Kennedy International Airport” after the fatal assassination attempt on the then president. Many U.S. Navy aircraft carriers also bear the names of former high officials. The practice seems to have become unpopular, however: The names Clinton, Bush or Obama do not adorn airports or ship hulls.

Personality cult around Donald Trump: four years until the next US election

For Donald Trump this is obviously not a counter-argument. The outgoing US president is at the center of a political movement that is more family-friendly Trump than feels connected to the Republican Party. If he vacates his chair in the Oval Office on January 20, he is expected to continue seeking public attention around the time until the next US election 2024 to use optimally for the family. Besides him there are other members of the family Trump political ambitions, that’s what his daughter-in-law Lara wants Trump Run for a seat in the US Senate in the state of North Carolina in 2022.

The White House did not comment on the report to The Daily Beast. Whether or not he succeeds in making his name visible to the public for the time after his first presidency, Donald Trump is also preparing for a return to show business in other fields: According to people around him, he is also thinking back about a return to the reality show “The Apprentice”. (Matthis Pechtold)

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