Donald and Melania Trump: Violent trouble about renovation – New Year’s Eve party probably without him

Donald Trump is likely to move to Florida after his presidency – to his property in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago. But the renovations of his wife now led to violent trouble.

  • The mood between Donald Trump and his wife Melania has been better.
  • The President and his wife have visited his property in Florida, Mar-a-Lago, withdrawn.
  • The Renovationswho made Melania dislike Donald Trump at all.

Update from December 31, 2020, 11.47 a.m.: The White House announces: The Trumps should be on Thursday morning (local time) in Washington arrive. That’s unusual for those still in office US President Donald Trump. He usually spent New Year’s Eve in the resort in Mar-a-Lago, and in 2020 guests at the party there had assumed that Trump would be present. Now, however, Trump apparently wants to spend New Year’s Eve in Washington – for example alone with Wife Melania?

The US-Sender CNN now reports that Trump in Washington may want to prepare for January 6th. Congress then has to confirm the election results – Trump may see them as one last chance to avert his defeat.

Violent quarrel with Melania: renovation of Mar-a-Lago-Resort – Trump “not at all satisfied”

First report from December 30, 2020, 10.13 a.m.: Palm Beach, Florida – Donald Trump’s mood has been better. The departing US President has withdrawn to his stately Florida property Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, but criticism of Trump’s handling of the pandemic does not stop and the Election defeat still hurts him.

Now it seems as if he is venting his displeasure on his wife: Allegedly there is Trump in the house Big trouble about renovations in the golf department Mar-a-Lago. The person responsible for the changes is his wife: Melania Trump. This overlooked the several weeks long project with her Innenarchitekten Tham Kannalikham. It was only recently announced that the wife Donald Trumps I only have one wish: to go home.

The golf resort Mar-a-Lago is located in the southwest of the US state Florida. Donald Trump is happy to withdraw there. (Archive photo)

© Charles Trainor Jr./Imago Images/Zuma Wire

Donald Trump: “He wasn’t satisfied at all” – Trump upsets club management

According to sources from CNN The current president doesn’t like the changes his wife made there at all. Trump, who is described by them as currently “moody” (affected by mood swings) and unusually withdrawn, is said to have demanded, for example Parts of the decor made of white marble and dark wood should be removed immediately – which also happened promptly. They were torn down, which again probably did not go over well with Melania.

The new neighborhood is said to be much smaller than the top three floors of the Trump Tower in Manhattan, where the family lived before moving to the White House.

“He wasn’t satisfied at all”, a source is quoted, several loud, one-sided conversations with the club management echoed through the opulent property.

Zoff in the Trump house? Not the first time Donald Trump has disliked Melania’s renovations

So there is bad air in the Trump housewho is in a kind of self-chosen exile in Florida. It is not the first time that the president dislikes redecorating his wife: In the presidential retreat Camp David in Maryland, he saw Melania’s changes on Thanksgiving and looked dissatisfied as well.

Although far fewer of Trump’s friends and party comrades come to see him in Mar-a-Lago, where he traditionally spends the New Year, this year Corona-Lage hardly to be overlooked there. Over ten percent of the corona tests are said to be positive, people use the gastronomic offers, there are overcrowded pools and people “fight for chairs, so much is going on”. The source explains: “Nobody cares about the pandemic here.”

Donald Trump wants to move into his Mar-a-Lago residence after his time in the White House. His neighbors there switched on a lawyer.

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