Actor Rafael Amaya, 44, reappeared with a better face and more animated than ever, in addition, caused euphoria among his fans by hinting that he could return to “The Lord of the Skies” in its eighth season.

He appeared in a live broadcast on the account of his friend, the singer Roberto Tapía, as part of the promotion of the “Tour the compadres”, a tour that they will do together in the United States. Some of the cities confirmed by the same artists were Dallas, El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville, among others.

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Does Rafael Amaya return to the series?

The actor was animated during the live and began to answer questions from his fans. Most wanted to know if there is a possibility that he will return to the series and Rafael Amaya replied:

“We are in that, we are preparing a good eighth season, we are in negotiations and we are going to see what happens,” said the actor.

“Here I am at one hundred, I am better than ever,” he added.

It should be noted that so far Telemundo has not confirmed the return of Rafael Amaya.

The phenomenon of “The Lord of the Skies”

The narcoseries produced by Telemundo premiered in April 2013, it immediately had great acceptance among the public. So far it has 7 seasons and the eighth is already in preparation.

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Rafael Amaya gave life to “Aurelio Casillas”, a fictional character who is one of the best-known drug traffickers in Mexico.

It should be noted that at the end of the sixth season they decided to eliminate the character of “Aurelio” and in his place came Matías Novoa as “Amado Casillas Leal ‘El águila azul’”.

Why did Rafael Amaya leave the series?

The success of the series was on the rise and for season 6, the problems began, as they removed the character of Rafael Amaya, without saying more.

At that time, Telemundo argued that it was due to differences with the actor. Other versions pointed out that Rafael did not arrive on time to his calls and that he was irresponsible. It was also said that it was the fault of his drug addiction problem.

What did happen is that Rafael Amaya contracted histoplasmosis, in the middle of the recordings of the series, a disease that kept him hospitalized.

Histoplasmosis is a condition that is contracted by inhaling spores produced by the fungus histoplasma capsulatum and causes lung problems.

Rafael Amaya’s Addition Problem

Drug addiction led the actor to take rehabilitation, a fact confirmed by Julio César Chávez, since last year he published a photograph with Rafa, which caused rumors that he was possibly admitted to one of his clinics. Later, the boxer confirmed it and said that indeed the actor was receiving care in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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Are you suffering from delusions of persecution?

A few weeks ago, a Rafael Amaya video on the streets of Tijuana went viral, in which he looked a bit disoriented. He began to get upset, he was running and screaming, while the people around him watched him. He insisted that they were following him and wanted to kidnap him, luckily someone helped him until the police arrived at the scene and they realized the delusion of persecution he presented. Until later a relative of the actor arrived and took him home.

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