The future of Gio dos Santos in Coapa is not clear and his statistics are not those of an outstanding player

MEXICO – The panorama of Giovani dos Santos, in order to continue in America for the Apertura 2021 tournament, it is more than complicated, even if Necaxa scored the goal of the tenth win for the Coapa team, the same that brought the feathered ones closer to 2 points behind the superleader Cruz Azul.

The performance of Giovani dos Santos has not been good to date 13 of Guardianes 2021, but neither in the previous three. It has not improved as could have been expected, especially considering that every player strives to excel when a new coach arrives, such as, in this case, the Argentine Santiago Solari.

Giovani dos Santos scored his first goal of the tournament this Saturday, something that can not be criticized much, since he has never been characterized as a scorer, although some annotations will always add up when making accounts.

What is put on trial is his poor participation. The midfielder has played six games, none of them complete and all spaced; This Saturday he reappeared in the Liga Mx after six games. He has been on the field for a total of 262 minutes, either because his injuries have not been forgiven or because he physically has not found his best form and most importantly, because his football ups and downs have not earned him the full confidence of the body. technical.

Of those six participations, the fewest minutes played by Giovani dos Santos have been 7 against Querétaro and the highest the 68 played against Rayos and which he crowned with a score and, apart, has been a starter three times; However, a splendid definition in the red and white goal, this Saturday, does not seem enough for Santiago Solari to give him the opportunity to continue wearing yellow in the second half of the year.

For Rafael Puente, ESPN analyst, Giovani dos Santos’s line-up against Necaxa was due more than anything to the absence of Sebastián Córdova and Henry Martin and he is clear that a goal, no matter how important it was on matchday 13, will be worth him to secure a contract with the Eagles.

“I think Solari would not have taken it into account from the beginning, if this situation had not arisen” and he adds that perhaps being a starter was unexpected for the player, but in any case he was able to respond by scoring the final 2-1.

“He had the opportunity to capitalize on the goal in a somewhat strange way, because he makes it after a stopped ball from Sánchez and he does it with his head; that must be recognized and its value. If someone aware of Giovani’s conditions thought about how he could make himself present on the scoreboard with a goal, they would hardly say, I dare say, with his head ”.

Rafael Puente emphasizes that Gío’s annotation strengthens everything, “the moment of Solari, the moment of America and the presence of Gío. This player has conditions and nobody doubts it, but that he has been a duty in the team, it’s clear.

He adds that somehow Giovani has a point in his favor for his performance, but not knowing what scope he will have in relation to the intention of the board of directors to exit or not to renew his contract “and this must be seen in the remainder of the tournament “, Although he is aware that” this goal cannot give him the guarantee of retaining it either. “


In important moments, the statistics weigh a lot and nowadays more, when Santiago Solari has shown not to touch his heart when choosing his 11 every weekend; With the Argentine they play those who are in the best moment, beyond the name, and Gío, apparently, what has prevented him from becoming a consistent footballer are injuries, something that has not allowed him to take regularity.

Giovani arrived at América for the Apertura 2019; the expectations were manyBut the results from start to finish have not sustained them. The U-17 world champion player with Mexico in 2005, has played 32 matches in a regular tournament out of 68 possible in the absence of four dates before the end of his fourth tournament. In that period he has only contributed three goals, going blank in the Clausura 2020. His minutes on the court have been until today: 1640, out of 6120 possible.