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Documentalist affirms that Cooperativa Cruz Azul fraud is the worst in history

Carlos Carrera, who works on a documentary about Cruz Azul, assured that the size of the embezzlements in the company to which the celestial team belongs is impressive

The fraud of Guillermo Billy Álvarez, former president of Cruz Azul, is estimated to be around 45 billion pesosFor this reason, it is considered by the film directors who work on the documentary “Azul Oscuro”, Carlos Carrera and Carlos Bátiz, as one of the “greatest in history”.

The most impressive thing is what they did within the Cooperative, the size of the embezzlements, the profits that were made, they are impressive amounts, it is one of the largest frauds of which we have memory in the public and private administrationThen there is the detail of how a system of terror was implemented within the cooperative, ”he explains. Carlos Carrera, co-director of the documentary ‘Dark blue’, a ESPN Digital.

Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas He was in charge of the company to which the soccer club belongs Blue Cross for more than three decades, a period in which the team from La Maquina Celeste could barely win a league championship and years in which it was claimed that the Cooperativa’s employees were subjected to violence.

“It was not only money, but also threatening the workers, taking their jobs, threatening the workers’ families with armed people, a perverse and sophisticated mafia system,” he says. Carrera, who makes a documentary about the Cruz Azul Cooperative, divided into five chapters.

During the administration of Billy alvarez The myth was created among cooperative members that soccer team matches were “rigged”, although no evidence has been found to prove these sayings.

“One thing we are clear about is that a documentary is not fiction, it is a portrait of reality, we are going to be careful and if we are going to present something, it is because we are going to have the evidence in hand. Just that thing about match fixing, about the sale of matches, is a myth that exists and a very strong one, within the Cooperative ”, he commented Carlos Batiz, co-director of the documentary ‘Dark blue’.

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