Doctors without appointment, line up “in case they reach” vaccine against Covid

Authorities of the Health Secretary (Ssa) resumed vaccination days against Covid-19 in the five military headquarters to which medical staff goes to be immunized.

From nine in the morning, health professionals gathered at the 23 Battalion of the National Guard in Chivatito, waiting for the doses that would begin to be applied around 10:30 am.

However, more than 100 workers in the health sector, both public and private – who are not on the lists of vaccination– were formed outside the military complex in the hope that by the end of the day there would be leftovers and they could receive the dose.

Beatriz Mendieta, specialist nurse attached to the Hospital de Pediatría del Siglo XXI National Medical Center, She went to Chivatito with the desire to be vaccinated, although she acknowledges that she does not work in a Covid area, but has had to treat asymptomatic patients or who after a test turn out to have the virus SARS-CoV-2.

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“For not treating covid patients, we are not yet on the vaccination lists, but a lot has happened, that patients arrive, we provide care and it turns out that they come with the virus, that’s why I am trained, to see if I can reach the vaccine,” he told EL UNIVERSAL.

The 51-year-old nurse asks the population to take care of itself and follow prevention recommendations such as the use of the mask, hand washing and keeping a healthy distance.

“There are people who still do not believe, it is very difficult because the hospitals are full, I do not know with what other words you can ask the population to take care of itself, because we see the streets full and it is not fair, because one lives in fear of in any moment it can be contagious ”.

The government of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that so far 32,824 vaccines have been applied against Covid-19, which means that 61% of medical personnel in Mexico have been immunized, it is expected that by the end of January the inoculation in health professionals will conclude.

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However, medical staff that so far has not been requested by the different hospitals stood in line outside vaccination centers for more than seven hours waiting to reach a dose, as in the case of Beatriz Mendieta, but yesterday they had no luck.

“We no longer have vaccines, at about two or two thirty the trucks that come with the aforementioned personnel began to leave, or those from Operation Chapultepec of the IMSS [Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social], and then the Army personnel began to collect everything, we saw how the vaccination modules were empty and they told us that there were no more doses; today there was no luck, “he commented.

“It has been 10 very difficult months”

The nurse stressed that although they are not considered a priority area, these 10 months of pandemic have been very complicated, because on their own they must acquire personal protective equipment, in addition to learning that they lived with a patient who tested positive for Covid-19 they should find a way to get tested.

“Of course it is understood that there are personnel dedicated to Covid patients, it is good that they are being vaccinated, but we are also at risk, also because it is not a priority area, if we want to. protective equipment, it goes on our own, as I say, it is understandable, but we are also at risk and, knowing that there is a vaccine, we seek the possibility of accessing it as soon as possible, ”he said.

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Beatriz Mendieta insisted on her exhortation to Mexicans, she called for them to take care of themselves, since, with regret, she foresees that during the first half of January a rebound in infections will be reflected as a result of the December’s holidays.

“As health personnel, we can only reinforce measures, because in January the rebound is strong due to the festivities, as soon as the cases will begin to emerge and the hospitals will be more saturated, so I hope that as soon as possible, we can count on the vaccine”, the nurse detailed.

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