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Doctors botch in Mexico – influencer dies in anti-sweat surgery

She wanted less armpit sweat and found death. The influencer Odalis Santos Mena († 23) did not survive an anti-sweat operation. According to media reports, the intervention was said to have taken place.

The beauty blogger (almost 150,000 followers on Instagram) suffered cardiac arrest during the operation.

How „The Sun“ reported that the anesthetist – this is the doctor who is responsible for the anesthesia – was not an expert. On the contrary: the employee at the SkinPiel beauty clinic in Guadalajara had no training whatsoever in this field.

In theory, the operation should proceed as follows: Heat should clog the sweat glands, so that the influencer should no longer sweat as much under the arms.

Spicy: Odalis Santos Mena apparently had a contract with the beauty clinic and even advertised the procedure on her Instagram profile. According to media reports, the operation was not officially approved.

In addition to being anesthetized by a layperson, another reason could have led to the bodybuilder’s cardiac arrest: Odalis Santos Mena may have taken steroids – an illegal measure to build muscle in bodybuilding.

The Mexican police are now investigating the exact background of the death of the 23-year-old woman. According to a first report, the operation was carried out by “non-professionals”.

Odalis Santos Mena was a rising fitness star, winning several regional titles before the deadly anti-sweat surgery. On the side, she studied nutrition and was in a relationship with Victor Gomez Carreno, a fitness freak like her.

The strength athlete wrote on his Instagram account: “The deeds in your life resonate forever. I will keep you with me forever. There is no point in writing here what I feel in my heart. I love you.”

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