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Doctors are calling for the lockdown to be extended nationwide

Dhe medical union of the Marburger Bund is calling for an extension of the hard lockdown in view of the situation in the hospitals. The burden of caring for Covid 19 patients continued to rise over the holidays, said union chairman Susanne Johna to the newspapers of the Funke media group. The clinics have no breathing space.

“The health system urgently needs relief that can only be achieved by extending the measures to restrict contact. Otherwise we will not get the situation under control, ”said Johna. In addition, more and more patients in the intensive care units and infection wards have to be cared for with fewer and fewer staff because hospital staff are also infected with the virus. This extreme workload cannot be shouldered permanently.

She would therefore like the conference of prime ministers on Tuesday to have an “extension of the contact restrictions as uniformly as possible,” said the Marburger Bund chairwoman. Hopes of a quick relaxation of the situation due to the start of the corona vaccination, Johna dampened: “Despite all optimism, it must be clear to us that the vaccination can hardly be expected to reduce the risk of infection at least in the first three months of the new year.”

The doctor rejected proposals to change the corona strategy and only protect risk groups: “The more than 20 million people of old age or with previous illnesses can only be consistently protected if the transmission of the virus to the entire population decreases. “

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