Doctor who accused ‘gandallismo’ by vaccine is not in the covid area: IMSS

Mexico City /

The doctor who accused ‘gandallismo’ because workers on the front lines of the pandemic have been excluded from vaccination lists since It has not been in the covid-19 area since October, that is why it is not considered to be in the first line of battle, reported the director of the IMSS Siglo XXI Pediatric Hospital, Rocío Cárdenas Navarrete.

The hospital director assured that despite this situation, the doctor was already scheduled to receive the coronavirus vaccine in the first days of January 2021.

“The The coronavirus vaccine is being applied in the first stage to all the doctors who participate in the covid-19 hospitals and those who are in the first line of battle are being prioritized, “he said.

He stressed that so far there is no complaint about any worker who is not in this first line of care and who has received the vaccine.

It endorsed the commitment of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) so that the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 it will be for everyone and it will come for everyone.

“We are working to ensure that no one skips the line, that there are no arbitrariness and no influence,” he said.


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