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Doctor shows crazy photos – man swallows “brick” from Nokia

The Nokia 3310 is considered an indestructible cult phone.

In 2000 the phone came on the market. 21 years later, the name of the device, which many fans affectionately refer to as “brick”, is going around the world again.

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The reason: A man from Kosovo recently swallowed a Nokia 3310. Gastroenterologist (specialist in the human digestive system) Skender Telaku pulled the cell phone out of the patient’s stomach. He published photos and a video of the insane operation on his Facebook page.

The related story goes like this: During his shift, Skender Telaku received a message that he should remove an object from the stomach of a 33-year-old. Routine – actually. According to the physician, he hadn’t even thought that it was a cell phone.

The “brick” had already been in the man’s stomach for four days. Finally, the Albanian went to the gastroenterological clinic in the Kosovar capital Pristina due to acute pain.

There it landed on Skender Telaku’s table. With the help of a team of several people, he pulled the cell phone in three parts out of the patient’s stomach without the patient having to undergo an operation.

So the Nokia 3310 left the man’s body the same way it got in – namely through the mouth. The doctor’s conclusion after the two-hour show on Facebook: “No complications.”

It is not known how the phone with the proud dimensions of 113 by 48 by 22 millimeters got into the Kosovar’s stomach in the first place. According to media reports, the patient should have been aware of what he was doing.

One thing is clear: the action was not entirely harmless, as the doctor said the battery could have exploded.

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