Doctor continues in intensive care after receiving anticovid vaccine


Dr. Karla Cecilia Pérez Osorio, an internist at the General Hospital of Zone number 7 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, who suffered adverse reactions after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, in the municipality of Monclova, Coahuila, remains delicate.

Carlos Palestino, brother-in-law of the specialist, who remains hospitalized in the Medical Specialties Unit number 25 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, said that the position as a family is that the professional receive adequate care.

We are very dismayed and we want her to receive the best care, we were desperate because at first there was a slow response “

We want to clarify that we are not anti vaccines, that we do not want to cause panic, that we do not want and we understand the position of the Ministry of Health that seems very correct that it has to be studied, that it has to be analyzed, everything necessary has to be done to determine whether It is a question associated with the vaccine that coincided, but we have to rule it out, we have to have a protocol to verify this event that had no history and that has not been reported anywhere in the world, “he explained.

He argued that Dr. Karla Cecilia is in the Intensive Care Unit, since she was admitted she has been providing the necessary care and treatments.

We hope that it has a good evolution, although in reality it is not certain how it will evolve because I repeat, it is a completely unknown event previously, “he said.

Carlos Palestino clarified that they do not want to cause controversy, nor do they want the case to be politicized, “we do not want it to be misunderstood and to avoid conflicts in the treatment of our family member, we let the pertinent authorities report on it, we do not.”

He stated that they are not against the vaccine, on the contrary, they support safe and effective vaccination and understand that there may be adverse effects to various medications.

However, as it is a vaccine in an experimental period due to the pandemic, its authorization was granted by the FDA, it is necessary to report, study and analyze and corroborate or rule out all the possible effects of the drug in question as has been done in other countries.

We are not against anyone, we are not seeking responsibility for the vaccine, or against Pfizer, or against the IMSS, the call that was made so that my sister-in-law could be attended to promptly and to identify where it is what has caused this, if it was something associated with the vaccine, perhaps coincided, but it must be studied and analyzed ”, he stated.

She stressed that she has not been able to see Dr. Karla Cecilia Pérez Osorio, because she is in intensive care, only her husband is the one who has been able to enter with the health professional.

Carlos Pelestino stated that they do not seek special treatment, on the contrary they follow the protocols that the IMSS has and added that he is in Monterrey, accompanying his brother, in this case the doctor’s husband, with whom he shares information on the state of health .

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