Do you need an oxygen tank refill? Two CDMX points make it free

Alert about internet fraud

The Cyber ​​Police of Mexico City alerted the population about fraud made in the purchase and rental of oxygen tanks over the internet.

In a statement, the agency pointed out that these types of crimes are committed through pages that request the personal and banking data of people who are looking for an oxygen tank.

Faced with this situation, the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) reported that “permanent patrols in cyberspace” are maintained, with the aim of inhibiting the commission of these crimes through apocryphal pages, market sites and sales groups on social networks , who make offers of low-cost oxygen equipment, which could be acquired by simply making an electronic payment, however, after the deposit, the seller no longer contacts the potential buyer.

As noted, some pages use logos, colors and fonts similar to recognized brands, to steal personal information from netizens interested in these products.

“This type of fraud occurs through the forms that are requested to be filled with personal data, contact information and bank cards, so the SSC recommends that, before purchasing any product online, the legality of the pages be validated and , as far as possible, do not make advance deposits to suspicious bank accounts or that are not in the name of a company, or give your card number, PIN or security, through the web pages “, asked the agency .

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