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Do vaccines give access to the Internet? A country answers it

We are talking about the Australian government. As crazy as the conspirators in Spain, those in other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia are even worse. In Australia, for example, Facebook suspended the account of MP Craig Kelly for a week. The reason was three publications, where he criticized the masks, and spoke of dangerous treatments to treat the coronavirus. In addition, this deputy had collaborated with a famous chef in the country to promote a 10,000 euro lamp that promised to cure the virus.

Vaccine FAQ in Australia talks about the Internet

For this reason, the Australian Department of Health has created a page called «Is it true?«, A FAQ full of absurd questions and scientifically based answers to try to fight misinformation. It is logical that there are some doubts about the effects of vaccines or the symptoms of getting them, but there are two pages dedicated to topics such as whether vaccines contain microchips, or whether vaccines will connect us to the Internet.

On the page of «Can COVID-19 vaccines connect me to the Internet?«, The government makes it clear that this is not possible, even though it is logical. All vaccine components are detailed, and all components are biological. The FAQ details the use of microgels in some messenger RNA vaccines, which help the vaccine slowly spread throughout the body.

These microgels are used, for example, to prevent the components that are introduced into the body from being damaged, such as stem cells. That has led some people to think that this was necessary for electronic implants. However, this is not so. Also that the messenger RNA vaccines from Pfizer use a lipid so that the RNA chain can be deposited correctly in the cell and antibodies against the virus are made.

They also talk about microchips

Finally, the FAQ also has a section called “Do COVID-19 vaccines contain a microchip or some kind of tracking technology?” that talks about the chips or tracking technologies it claims that, indeed, vaccines do not contain software or microchips or anything like that, and cannot be used to track people.

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