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“Do not throw trash cabr * n”: license and unit are withdrawn from a truck driver who attacked a motorist in Zapopan

License and unit withdrawn from truck driver who attacked motorist in Zapopan

Yesterday, through his Twitter account, Jaaziel Carmona denounced an attack suffered by a bus driver with U-061 plates on route 50-B. The complainant was driving along Federalismo Avenue in Zapopan, Jalisco when he saw the truck driver throw a bag out of his window. Jaaziel decided to pair up with the transport vehicle to yell at him “Don’t litter, you bastard!”. Later, the truck driver blocked Jaaziel’s way to physically and verbally attack him.

The conflict ended when the transporter broke the complainant’s glass with a fire extinguisher and then fled in the truck. After various media shared the recording and the case went viral, the The Ministry of Transportation reported that the aggressor had already been identified, whose license was canceled and that they are looking for the unit to remove it. In addition, the agency invited the citizen to make a formal complaint to the entity’s prosecutor’s office.

In the viralized video, the truck driver is observed trying to attack Jaaziel, who is inside his car. Subsequently, the complainant repeats his claim to the transport driver “Why are you littering, you bastard?”. The attacker goes to his vehicle from which he extracts the fire extinguisher with which he tries to hit Jaaziel from the rear window. Given this, the citizen closed the window, for which the truck driver hit the front window, breaking it with the extinguisher.

Given this, Jaaziel remained in his car, reiterating his claim. By the end of the video you can also hear him say “for a bag see all the mess you did” as the carrier was entering his vehicle to flee.

The announcement by the Jalisco Department of Transportation was made at 9:45 p.m., the same day the complaint was made through social networks. The video had been posted just 6 hours earlier, at 3:58 pm on Saturday, January 2.

“The Public Transport Supervision team is in in search of the unit to apply the corresponding sanction; likewise, the cancellation of the driver’s license began, who has already been identified “ were the words with which the agency reported through its Twitter account on the measures taken regarding the “unfortunate event where a driver of route T14B-C01 (50B), unit U-061, attacked a driver of a private vehicle when pointing out that the first one threw garbage on the road while circulating ”.


Given this, Jaaziel, a lawyer from the Enrique Díaz de León University, reported again through his Twitter account that the complaint to the entity’s Prosecutor’s Office had already been made: “It is already presented, if you need a copy of itI am at your command to process any of your procedures ”.

In addition, he thanked the Secretary of Transportation for their support in the face of what happened. “Thank you very much for the punctual follow-up and efficient attention to this unfortunate matter”, Were the words of Jaaziel as a sign of gratitude towards the state authorities.

The video published by Jaaziel already accumulates 4.6 thousand likes and 3.4 thousand retweets. The case was even taken up by TV Azteca Jalisco, a medium that Jaaziel tagged in his original publication to give visibility to the case. He was even interviewed for the news channel GDL News by Gabriel Aguilar yesterday at 8 pm.


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