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Division at the airport – Malle airport has an extra queue for unvaccinated people

Palma (Mallorca) – The airport of Palma de Mallorca has come up with an unusual measure to prevent waiting chaos in the arrival hall: There are separate queues for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. This is a way to “accelerate the arrival of passengers,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health.Last minute“.

The airport management wants to prevent conditions like at Berlin Airport BER with the separate queues. There was chaos there at the weekend because, among other things, there were too few employees who could check passports and vaccination certificates. People stood huddled together for hours.

In Mallorca, vaccinated passengers have to stand in a green marked queue, unvaccinated in a red one. The right-wing populist party Vox reminds of the discrimination against Jews in the Third Reich. “From here it’s only a small step until you have to sew a star onto your clothes,” said Vox boss Jorge Campos Asensi, who posted a picture of the two snakes on Twitter.

The Ministry of Health stressed that the measure is not intended to discriminate against anyone. “Passengers without a vaccination certificate simply have to show more documents. Including a questionnaire and a negative corona test. Therefore this process is slower. “

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