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Disturbing Theory – Is Brian Laundrie a Serial Killer?

Is the dark secret of Brian Laundrie (23) even more disturbing than previously thought?

The TV bounty hunter “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (68, real name: Duane Chapman) is now making another theory about the alleged murderer of Gabby Petito († 22) who has disappeared. He speculates that Laundrie may have already committed more than one murder. A conclusion he draws from Laundrie’s reading habits.

Compared to the “Sun” said Chapman, he could not imagine that Laundrie would have simply become a murderer overnight. The “Bounty Hunter” continues: “I imagine him more and more as a serial killer – not just as Gabby’s killer. The books he reads are incredible. “

The bounty hunter, who started his own search after Laundrie disappeared, continues: “Some of the books he’s read are ten times as bad as ‘Dungeon and Dragons’. Brian obviously took these things to heart. That happens when your child looks at things like that. “

In August 2020, Laundrie wrote enthusiastically about his current reading on his Instagram account. At that time, he and Gabby had read to each other from the book “Lullaby” by the US best-selling author Chuck Palahniuk (including “Fight Club”).

Laundrie celebrated in his post: “This is the fucking craziest thing about Chuck on my bookshelf. With the best will in the world, I can’t figure out how he wrote it. We read it aloud to each other and I couldn’t believe what was coming out of our mouths. “

For Chapman, Laundrie’s somewhat gloomy reading habits are a clear indicator of guilt – and possibly more. A connection between Laundries and other homicides has so far neither been established nor proven.

Since the disappearance of Laundrie, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” has been looking for the suspect himself – an action that FBI investigators don’t like any more than his own daughter.

Cecily Chapman on her father’s questionable activities: “It’s just pompousness. He should stand back and let the FBI do its job. “

Before his TV career as a reality star, Chapman himself was at odds with the law: for his involvement in a robbery (his accomplice shot a person in a drug deal, he himself drove the getaway car), he was sentenced to five years in prison in 1976 .

While the “Bounty Hunter” is crazy about his disturbing serial killer theory, there is still no trace of Brian Laundrie. He has been missing since September 13th. He is an urgent suspect in the Gabby Petito murder case – he had taken a road trip through the United States with his fiancée until she finally disappeared. On September 19, her body was found in a Wyoming national park.

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