Dispute over corona aid package: Biden warns Trump of the consequences

With his rejection of the US aid package, President Trump is blocking important payments. Millions of Americans could lose their unemployment benefits. Trump’s successor, Biden, asks him to finally sign the package.

After a long struggle, Democrats and Republicans were able to agree on an economic stimulus package – and then Donald Trump came with a quasi-veto. The incumbent US president is calling for improvements and thereby blocking aid for millions of US citizens. His successor Joe Biden warns of “catastrophic consequences” and calls on Trump to put his signature on the $ 900 billion package. The republican’s stance of refusal was irresponsible, declared the Democrat.

If Trump does not immediately sign the package of laws, about ten million Americans would lose their unemployment benefits, Biden said. The Corona aid package is linked to a new budget law. If the budget does not come into force, there is a threat of a so-called shutdown of the federal authorities from Monday at midnight (local time). This also jeopardized the military’s wages, warned Biden. In addition, a measure that protects tenants from eviction in connection with the corona pandemic expires in a few days.

Neither veto nor signature

Despite the expiry of the corona aid, Trump formally has until the beginning of January to put the law into force with his signature or to use his veto. So far, he has not done one or the other. In a video he described the package as a “disgrace” and asked Congress to improve it. Above all, the one-off payment to all US citizens of 600 dollars is too low, Trump finds 2000 dollars more appropriate. On the other hand, other, in his view “wasteful and unnecessary” expenses should be cut.

Trump’s own party appears split on the issue. The Republicans reacted partly with rejection and partly with approval. On Christmas Eve, MPs in the House of Representatives gave Trump’s demand a clear rejection. His golf partner, Senator Lindsey Graham, however, announced that he would support the increase. “I hope Congress listens. The biggest winner would be the American people.” Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter: “Republicans must stop playing games while Americans are starving.”

NDR Info reported on this topic on December 26, 2020 at 10:18 p.m.

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