Displaced journalist threatens to set himself on fire outside Segob

After 40 days of demonstrating outside the facilities of the Ministry of the Interior, the displaced journalist Omar Bello Pineda He threatened on social media to set himself on fire on the morning of December 30 due to the lack of response to his demands.

“President @lopezobrador_ tomorrow at 9:00 am I will hold a protest spraying gasoline and setting me on fire, its officials only play with the confidence of us victims, we will see what they respond to the international community, human rights do not matter to them …”

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Victims of the ABC nursery and affected by crimes of enforced disappearanceIn addition to journalists displaced by the violence, they are in a demonstration installed since November as a result of the extinction of the 109 trusts and public funds.

The protesters request the support of the institutions in their cases and in the same way request transparent information about the destination of the resources that were withdrawn.

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In previous days, Omar Bello had denounced the violation of his human rights and the lack of response from victims who have demonstrated peacefully in front of SegobTherefore, some cuts were made in the skin as another way of manifesting itself. He threatened to bleed to death at the refusal of his requests.

To prevent the journalist from attempting on his life, again tonight a meeting was held with competent authorities in one of the offices of the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV).


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