Director of the Academy is Police of the Year 2020

Araly Castañon
The Juarez Journal

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 | 20:05

Juarez City- They elect the director of the Municipal Police Academy, Adela Fierro, Police of the Year 2020.

Subsequently and due to “pressure”, the coordinating councilor of the Public Security Commission, Alfredo Seáñez, lowered the point of agreement from the extraordinary session of the Cabildo to authorize the award for the Police of the Year 2020, which in the morning it had been agreed that it would for Adela Fierro.

However, the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Raúl Ávila Ibarra, did not agree that Fierro was the winner because his favorite was Aldo Iván Sáenz Tocolí, from the intelligence department of the corporation, who is known to have had several accusations for poor performance as a policeman, the councilors revealed.

In the extraordinary session, it was agreed to deliver to the organizing committee of the Police Day event, to be held on January 2, one and a half million for the purchase of the prizes that will be raffled on that day.

In the morning of this Wednesday, the Public Security Commission met to deliberate together with the Comptroller, Ficosec and the Municipal Public Security Secretariat on the winner of the recognition for the Police of the Year 2020.

With 15 votes in favor, the election was for the director of the Academy, Adela Fierro, while Aldo Iván Sáenz Tocolí obtained 13 points, but he was the favorite of the Secretary of Public Security, Raúl Ávila, announced the councilor Amparo Beltrán, member of the Security Commission.

“We know, because that is how the secretary Avila expressed it, that he did not agree, so those complaints that Seáñez referred to (in the extraordinary session), they are from the secretary,” said the mayor.

He said that the opinion with the name of the winning police officer was signed by Seáñez and Luz Elena Esquivel, two of three of the members of the Public Safety commission, since she is out of the city, but she did find out about the case and was present at the extraordinary session, which was held by videoconference.

“After the police officer promoted by Secretary Ávila did not win, they pressured Seáñez to lower the point,” said Beltrán.

He added that the opinion cannot be reversed only by the decision of the coordinator, who in the extraordinary session said that the point was lowered due to non-conformities and because other proposals were received, although the call was already closed.

“They have to give it to her, they would have to justify very well throwing her back,” said Beltrán.

During the course of the day, an attempt was made to contact Seáñez to find out his position on the matter, but he did not answer his cell phone.

Newspaper data from October 2019, point to the secretary’s favorite, Aldo Iván Sáenz Tocolí, as one of the commanders of the Municipal Police who allegedly robbed and threatened a family in the Manuel Valdez neighborhood.

Through a video, which the same agents of the corporation recorded and circulated on networks, the alleged abuse against a family and the apparent distribution of the presumed loot achieved by the agents was observed.

Days later the secretary declared that the images corresponded to another intervention, however, he acknowledged that there was a bad procedure. Although he announced the loss of eight elements while the investigation against the personnel for the alleged theft was being carried out, Sáenz Tocolí, one of those named, remains in the corporation.

In addition, it unofficially emerged that the person in charge of the special investigations group faces complaints of harassment of policewomen and civilians.

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